Nick Hughes
Opinion Editor

Some concert-goers would say leaving a concert with a black eye and a foot-shaped chest bruise is a bad experience. Those people would be wrong in the case of a death metal concert that was held at the Chameleon Club this past weekend. The bands that delivered such punishment were Judiciary, Necrot, GateCreeper and death metal legends, Exhumed. 

The concert started like most concerts with a soundcheck and then as soon as the opening act, Judiciary walked on stage, the mosh pit opened up and chaos ensued on the floor. Never hearing of Judiciary before, some of the concert-goers were not expecting much. The band even went as far as to say they were not death metal mid-set. Did the crowd seem to care? No, not in the least as the pit was well established by this point. 

Judiciary surprised a lot of the concert-goers as they were not well known prior to the concert in the Lancaster area. Claims were being made after the set that echoed the sentiment that the band has a great future ahead of them. Their songs are blisteringly fast and brutal and it was a pleasure to listen to them for the first time for a lot of the attendees. 

It was hard to make out what songs were being played because of the energy of the crowd, but all that mattered here was the intensity of the lead singer. His name is Jake and his intensity was almost overwhelming as he delivered tortured screams and growls to accompany fantastic instrumentals. 

The next band to come on was Necrot, a favorite band of a lot of the attendees of the concert it seemed. They opened their set with the song the blade and that is where the pit truly opened up. The pit was the focal point of Necrot’s set and they commanded a presence in the Chameleon for the pit. A small wall of death was made and collapsed on itself pretty quickly. A wall of death is where the pit separates into two parts and then the people in the pit run at each other. 

The concert was brutal and there was a lot of awesome music there all night. Some attendants were only able to stay for a set time however and had to leave. To read more about the concert, jump to the Opinion section of the Snapper.