Chloe Barrett

Associate News Editor

On Sunday, November 3, an incident of hate speech happened at Millersville around 3 p.m. at the Lookout within Gordinier. The incident involved the “n” word displayed in salt on the table. As noted by Dr. Wubah, the incident appears to be isolated and there have been no other reports made. The hate speech has also been removed from the dining location.

In an email sent to the campus community President, Dr. Wubah said, “I’m appalled that this happened on our campus and I’m so sorry that others in the dining facility were subjected to hate speech.”

On the topic of the incident, Millersville student, Mikayla said, “I thought we would be past that.”

Another Millersville student had said, “I’m a senior so I’ve been here the last four years, and my impression of it was not really the incident itself. [That] was not my issue. It was more this kind of thing happens every year for the last four years that I’ve been here, and it just seems like not much is being done about it. Not much is being done to prevent like hate speech and things like that from happening on campus, so that was my disappointment with it.”

Moving forward since the incident Dr. Wubah is working closely with students impacted by the hate speech to develop a plan to move forward. Millersville is committed to their EPPIIC values which include Exploration, Professionalism, Public Mission, Inclusion, Integrity, and Compassion. Within these values no hate speech nor crime is acceptable.

If you have any information regarding the incident on campus please contact University Police at 717-871-4357 or email Chief Anders at