Carly O’Neill
Features Editor

With the release of the Disney+ streaming service on November 12 came their version of an original Christmas movie “Noelle,” starring some celebrity favorites such as Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader, and Billy Eichner. I’m a sucker for Christmas movies and Anna Kendrick, who plays Noelle, so I was sold. 

From Noelle’s adorable baby reindeer sidekick Snowcone, to the cozy Christmas decorated visuals, this movie sparks a childhood nostalgia of just how magical Christmas Eve used to be.

In this North Pole, the role of Santa is passed down through generations and this year it’s Noelle’s brothers turn, played by Hadler who is extremely not confident in his abilities. The film breaks stereotypes and relates to our modern times when Gab, Noelle’s cousin, played by Billy Eichner suggests a Christmas with Amazon as the new Santa, where presents would be delivered by drones instead of a man in a big red suit.

I would recommend this holiday film to anyone looking for a reason to snuggle up in a blanket with some hot chocolate and marshmallows, since you know the townsfolk of the North Pole certainly will. This light-hearted comedy strives to remind its audience of the roots of the Christmas tradition and how this one holiday encourages society to come together and give back. 

Watch as Anna Kendrick takes on the roll of a Christmas princess, spreading cheer throughout her town and around the world. Noelle will have to skate her way to save Christmas and carry on the North Pole’s ancient tradition. 

This cute story highlights Noelle as she travels to Arizona to help people rediscover their love of Christmas and what it means to each other.