Julia Meassick
Multimedia Coordinator

Marauder Graphics, a small group on Millersville University’s campus, screen prints and designs graphics for other clubs and organizations. Graphic communication students make up the club, but anyone interested in graphic design is encouraged to join. 

Teachers and peers pushed Mary Souders, MG President, towards the club, getting her involved. “You get to meet a lot of the upperclassmen in the graphic communications department and get an idea of what the major entails in the future,” Souders explains. 

Souders talks about the various accomplishments and opportunities through this club such as building resumes, creating connections, developing printing skills, and becoming closer to the department heads. 

Alejandro Rosario, MG treasurer expands on this, “The experience and opportunities through this club are so undervalued. She continues, “The motivation and connections I have made has created so many opportunities.” 

“The upperclassmen are the reason me and Megan (vice president of MG) have our internships now. It was all about meeting them,” Souders explains.

Along with the accomplishments, MG helps and hosts several special events. The club takes a professional development trip once a semester to a print industry conference. This shows students how to network and understand what industry experience looks like. Marauder Graphics annually hosts open houses for the applied engineering department and printing expos at Osburn Hall.

Marauder Graphics demos machines, helps volunteer for open houses, and creates t-shirts for several events on campus. Another event they hold are Litho Club dinners, where students get to meet with local industries. At applied engineering picnics, students can show off their skills and make posters and logos for the department.  

Members have varying favorites when it comes to the group. Sounders talks about hers, “The people, the production, and the satisfaction with completing tricky designs.” 

“I love the fact that I learned a skill like screen printing and get to be really good at it,” Rosario says in terms of her favorite part of MG.

Pertaining to their future plans, the group hopes to expand and receive allocated funds to buy equipment to make improved designs and accept larger clients.