Jared Hameloth
Editor in Chief

What does it mean to have a “cool” university president? Is it a president who wears t-shirts, sunglasses and likes to keep everything “super chill?”

Or maybe it’s a president who crafts a social media plan that has the university sharing the latest memes on it’s official Facebook page?

For Dr. Wubah, it’s neither. Each university president needs to find their individual way to connect with incoming freshmen while also keeping that connection throughout each student’s time in college. For Dr. Wubah, part of that connection comes through by combining Instagram and swans in “Mondays with Miller” and “Saturdays with S’Ville.”

Over winter break, Wubah said that his extended family approached him and told him that he needed to up his game on social media. They crafted a plan for him to use Instagram “stories” to be more active online, and all that was needed was content. But Wubah had an idea.

During our meeting on Jan. 28, he informed me that he is now the proud owner of a “swan fact book,” and that he wants to use this book to promote two of the most well-known inhabitants on campus.

During ‘Monday’s with Miller,’ Dr. Wubah shares swan facts while hanging out at the pond.

He has been working on this plan by spending time at the pond in the middle of campus, where he records video of the swans, incorporates facts from his library, and shares it through Instagram.

He shared that even though it may seem like a silly thing to do as a university president, it “translates to something bigger by opening up conversations with students.”

He noted that being open and non-formal in communication helps keep him accessible to students whether it’s online or as he’s walking around campus.

But he also said that being up with the times keeps him in communication with alumni as well. He said that he was recently asked about the swans by a 78-year-old alumnus, and that they had a conversation about swans and how campus has changed over the years.