Chloe Barrett

Associate News Editor

According to Millersville News, Millersville students within the Master of Social Work, or the Doctor of Nursing Practice will receive eighty-four, $10,000 scholarships to help with their schooling and combating the opioid crisis thanks to a 1.35 million dollar three-year grant given by the Federal Health Resources and Services Administration. The grant titled, Opioid Workforce Expansion Program, is also paying for three training sessions per semester in relation to prevention, treatment, and recovery. The events are open to students receiving the scholarships, as well as the community. There are 16 students within the program now, another 10 students will be enrolled within the next two years. 

According to Millersville News, Dr. Marc Felizzi, associate professor of social work, says, “Students are already benefiting by receiving training from experts in the field of addiction prevention, treatment and recovery” Dr. Felizzi also noted, “Additionally, students are obtaining experiences within an approved agency as part of field placements so they are able to apply their new knowledge and skills.”

When asked about the grant, graduate student Channel Lowery said, “The grant will also give me the opportunity to tackle some of the educational expenses that come with being a graduate student.  After I have completed the program, I will be receiving a $10,000 scholarship.” As college tuition is on the rise, the grant is helping students be able to fund their time here at Millersville. 

Graduate student Kylie Bradley is currently participating in field work at Colonial House Inc, a ninety-day inpatient treatment facility. Bradley has big plans involving the grant, “Upon receiving the OWEP grant, I plan to open a non-profit drug and alcohol program that focuses on personal trauma and serves addicted individuals using evidence-based approaches. With my experience in policy creation and implementation, I intend on advocating to our local legislators for stricter guidelines and oversight in treatment programs.”

Bradley also noted, “ Far too often individuals fall through the cracks because they are not receiving evidence-based treatment because the Drug and Alcohol industry has minimal regulation and state oversight. Our vulnerable who are facing substance use issues deserve the best treatment possible and I hope to dedicate my career to being their voice in various ways.” 

According to Millersville News, Felizzi said, “This grant allows Millersville to increase collaboration with community members, professionals and with our colleagues at institutions of higher education across the country,” says Felizzi. “It places us at the forefront of opioid and substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery, and offers us an opportunity to increase the University’s level of recognition at a number of levels. Most important – participation in the grant gives our students opportunities to develop and display skills that are sought after in the workplace, and places them in a unique position to serve.”