Nick Hughes
Opinion Editor

Star Wars is a science fiction space opera that came out in the 70s. The year is now 2020 and the Skywalker saga has come to a close after 43 years. At the helm of the final movie was JJ Abrams. Rian Johnson also contributed to ”Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.” “The Rise of Skywalker”  is the ultimate conclusion to a storied franchise.

Not to say I did not have issues with “The Rise of Skywalker,” but I appreciate the movie all the same. I will not spoil the movie, and I expect that to remain the same way until the official digital release of Episode IX. This article is more focusing on the state of Star Wars in the world from my perspective. 

To my dismay, Star Wars is in a bad place right now. This has nothing to do with the people creating the content, but with us. The consumers of the content. The hatred that came for Rose Tico from Episode VIII, in droves honestly, makes me question what values some Star Wars fans have. A hatred warranted according to some. The actress played a character they do not like. A great character tossed away in IX. The amount of missed opportunities that are plaguing Disney also concerns me.

The Sequels are not bad

The handling of the movies is chief among my concerns. Not the story, but the director issues. Ron Howard came in to try to fix Solo and then there is the Rian Johnson issue. I believe that there should have only been one director for the sequel trilogy. That being J.J. Abrams; I think he did wonderfully to make a cohesive plot. I love all three, do not get me wrong, I feel that The Last Jedi is the weakest film of the three though.

Disney bought Star Wars from George Lucas. I hoped, the day I learned of the sale, that Disney would keep on producing Star Wars content. They did exactly that, but there is a caveat. This also may seem odd, but I feel like Star Wars is trying too hard to be Star Wars. I inhale Star Wars content and I hunger for more all the time. This sensation is deteriorating. That is a shock to me and I want to help Star Wars myself at this point. I cannot do anything directly of course, but I scour the Wookiepedia pages. In hopes of finding information that may help the story out a little bit.

It’s Marvel time

A part of Star Wars I love right now, in contrast to the movies, which I am luke-warm about as a whole, is the comics and novels. Marvel is creating amazing comics for Star Wars and has introduced one of my favorite characters: Dr. Aphra.

There are a few characters that I like, from comics, books and, film that I want to mention besides Dr. Aphra. Poe Dameron and Ciana Rae. Ciana Rae was one of the main characters in the “Lost Stars” novel that I cannot wait to find out what happens to her and Thane Kyrell. Poe is one of the main characters from the sequel trilogy and I equate him to a Han Solo mixed with Luke Skywalker character. I love his character, but I did not start out like that. Initially, I did not like Poe. The comics reversed that feeling though.

Timothy Zahn was brought back to write Thrawn books and that is one of the best aspects of the new continuity. The gigantic catalog of content that Disney can cherry-pick from is huge. Sith Lords from the Expanded Universe (EU) inspired a huge chunk of the movie regarding the Sith. I love this fact due to the Sith and them being my favorite faction.

Why are we angry? Star Wars is great

The fans of Star Wars have become toxic as of late when it comes to Star Wars though. There are outcries when there is a strong female lead like Felicity Jones playing Jyn Erso from “Rogue One.” We are in 2020, please leave the sexism in 1977. There was an outcry when it was revealed Lando Calrissian is pansexual. This stems from a lack of understanding and acceptance of other people and their differences.

The story has been great, but it is hard for me to ignore the hatred and anger that comes from a part of the fanbase. I love the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, but I also love the sequel trilogy. I miss the time when we were all Star Wars fans. Love all Star Wars content and respect others to do so as well. There is plenty of Star Wars for us all.

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