Sydney Clark
Features Editor

Every four years, the Walker Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership hosts an event to celebrate Super Tuesday, which falls on March 3 in 2020. This carnival themed viewing party will be a place for students to play games as well as enjoy free food in the Student Memorial Center. Event-goers can participate in balloon art, airbrush tattoos, giveaways, and games like a coin toss, bottle ringer, and goldfish game.

Super Tuesday consists of a single day when the greatest number of U.S. states vote for the primaries. It is one of the most determining voting days with 14 participating states and one U.S. territory.

Members of the Civic and Community Leader Professional Development Program, also known as Walker Fellows, organize events like this one on campus. This event in particular holds importance due to its goal to get students and community members involved.

Robert S. Walker, a U.S. Congressman and Millersville University alumnus, endowed the university with money to create a civic center with the promise that there would be a group of students who would annually be taught about engagement and leadership through the center.

Through events and activities on campus, Walker Fellows learn about engagement and leadership in the community.

Daniel Irwin, one of the Walker Fellows, talks about what he hopes the Millersville community will get out of the organization, “If we can get students out to vote, that’s great. We’re bipartisan, so we just want to get people out, get involved, and supply them with the knowledge necessary for them to go and make decisions for themselves.”

One of Irwin’s takes on the Walker Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership is that it is a way for students to get experience and make connections. He explains, “Getting to work with people in a network and host events like this is great. I really enjoy being involved in the community, and this is the best way to do it.”

The Super Tuesday event on Millersville’s campus supports the idea of getting students and community members involved in the area of voting. While working toward civic responsibility, the program members get students to take part in games and similar entertaining activities.