Rachel Laughlin

Associate Arts & Culture Editor

Millersville University hosted the 13th annual Science Olympiad this past Saturday, February 29th. Coordinated by two professors in the chemistry department, Dr. Kathryn Allen and Dr. Daniel Albert, Science Olympiad is a scholarly competitive event for middle and high school students to strive for the best scores in various science topics.

52 schools in total were registered to participate in this year’s Olympiad, consisting of 19 middle schools and 33 high schools.

The Olympiad hosted different evaluation activities from numerous science fields available at Millersville including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Technology; many aspects of STEM curricula often taught in schools. 

Usually, students were given a problem or task and graded based on how accurately they performed, or the results given. For example, one event called “Crime Busters” gave middle school students a criminal case (this year was a case where a locker had been broken into) and students were given a series of clues and a set of forensic analytical tests to perform to analyze the evidence and identify the culprit. While the majority of the “Crime Busters” evaluation was based on if the students identified compounds or fingerprints correctly, they were also graded on their case conclusions and correctly identified which of the characters in the case was the culprit.  While the results of the events, and the tops-scoring schools have not been posted online, the best scoring schools will proceed to another event held at Juniata College on April 25th.