Brian Markley
Associate Sports Editor

Millersville’s One Day Give is a day of generous giving back to the university from students, alumni, faculty, parents and friends of Millersville University. 

This year’s One Day Give took place on Thursday, Feb. 27 and was a record-breaking day of giving.

1,331 total gifts were given from Marauders all around the country, and the total amount raised was $291,867—the most money ever raised from One Day Give.

Many of Millersville’s athletic teams took to social media to push One Day Give and encourage donations, and the results show. 

Leaderboards were posted online, tracking which athletic teams could raise the most money, adding a competitive aspect to a day of charity. The team that donates the most would receive $2,500 in scholarships for their program. On top of the scholarship money, the top two athletic teams that give the most gifts would receive an additional $500 gift for their program.  

Baseball finished on top, receiving a total of 166 gifts totaling out to $10,469. Women’s track and field was second, raising $10,185 with 123 gifts. Women’s volleyball rounded out the top three, raising $2,025 with 68 gifts received. 

The university posted challenges for givers, giving away a pair of Millersville socks for any student or faculty members who donated a gift of $20 or more. The Alumni Association challenge promised a $10,000 donation if 150 donations were made by 11 a.m. Millersville University employees who donate a gift had two opportunities to receive $1,000 for whichever charity they liked. 

Outside organizations also matched donations as they came in. Northwestern Mutual contributed $100 for every 100 athletic gifts given, up to $10,000. The College of Science and Technology also added incentives for giving, including growing the Biology department by donating equipment. Student Services Inc. matched dollar-for-dollar every gift that was donated by students. 

The money that was received from One Day Give goes back to students in the form of scholarships and other opportunities for students, creating an even more successful environment for students at Millersville University.