Shaun Lucas

Associate Opinion Editor

Millersville University is considered a “green college,” as university leaders alter aspects of the campus for increased efficiency of resources. In fact, the 2019 Princeton Review Guide rated Millersville among the top 50 most environmentally friendly campuses in the United States. Yet, students as of late do not reflect the same sentiment fitting of our healthy reputation.

For the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a staggering increase in leftover trash, containers, and even food waste through all the buildings I’ve visited on campus. Perhaps the most appealing example would be near the entrance to “The Upper Deck,” as I nearly stepped in a meter long trail of squashed potato wedges.

I’m not the only one who seems to have taken notice: in  “Club De’Ville” at the SMC, the televisions have new signs next to them to remind students to clean up the area when they leave.

 This type of behavior is pretty unacceptable for students at the college level. From a young age, we are taught to pick up after ourselves, especially in a more public setting. Not picking up trash only tells MU staff and leaders that we don’t respect the benefits given to us.

I know students, both commuters and residents, who spend a large portion of hours within the many rooms of the SMC. And reasonably so, as the SMC offers resources such as an arcade, computer room, and even a gym with varied equipment. Yet, even though it’s almost a home, you shouldn’t make that sentiment obvious by leaving trash and other things behind.

There’s not really even an excuse other than negligence: every room on campus has numerous trash bins, some even having separate holes for recycled and paper resources.

Food leftover on tables ruins the appetite of those around you. Once again, don’t eat like you’re at your dorm and you’ll just vacuum the crumbs later. The only one who cleans up then is the janitors.

While these cases are more of annoyance and curtesy, some trash left behind is potentially downright harmful. How does one leave a plastic Starbucks cup near the pond, where any of the animals could harm themselves by chewing and consuming the litter.

All in all, just pick up the trash. I get that the weeks leading up to Spring Break are a bit distressful, However, keep working hard and take the precious seconds to throw away your trash. Patience is a virtue, and will also reward those who don’t pollute.