Jared Kish
Sports Editor

As we established in episode one of this series, Millersville’s baseball team has been successful for the last ten years and that is due in part with the guy leading the charge. Head coach Jon Shehan has been the man at the helm, and he has built the Millersville baseball program into one of the most dominant in Division II.

Coach Shehan is no stranger to the Millersville baseball program. He is an alum of the program himself, who played for the Marauders in the early 2000’s, When Shehan arrived as coach he already knew the ins and outs of the program. By understanding how Millersville operates, Shehan was able to step in and take a collegiate ball club to the next level and ultimately had some of his players drafted to Major League organizations.

In fact, within the past year, Shehan has had three players drafted into the MLB. Tyler Yankosy, Eli Nabaholz, and Daniel Ross were all players drafted in 2019 under the direction of Shehan.

 “We set a goal to have three draft pics, and Yank we had a good idea, but Eli and Ross were a surprised,” Shehan says.

 Even more impressive is that this crop of young men wasn’t the first players Shehan has had drafted. The most notable product to come out of Millersville is left hand specialist Tim Mayza who pitches for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Success doesn’t come from laziness and coach Shehan is fully aware of that. To have players drafted, Millersville goes through training year-round to keep their players in the best shape even through the offseason. Shehan and his staff work with individual players to come up with specialized workouts suitable for the players needs and development. Having had numerous pitchers drafted; the workouts have proven to be valuable for the MU pitching staff.

To be a highly competitive coach at any level of baseball its important you build a supporting staff around you, which is exactly what Shehan has done at Millersville.

“First and foremost, a lot of the success has been out of my hands. Remaining humble in that and knowing we’ve had a fantastic administration who has been overly supportive of the program.” Shehan says.  

To have any baseball program gel together, it takes a good staff and corporation from the coaches and players.

After the success of the last few years, coach Shehan is ready to kick off a 2020 campaign that will hopefully see the Marauders fight for a National Championship. Millersville went into the offseason after coming up short of their goal in 2019 and they are prepared to come out firing on all cylinders.

This year’s team are ready to put last season behind them and get to work on 2020.

“For the current players there is always a bad taste in your mouth from looking at it outside in at the end of the year. There’s only one team in Division II that ends the year on a win, but we have a consistent goal to win a championship.” Shehan says. 

Shehan and the Marauders are revved up and ready for success this year. If history is a good predictor, then this team will not disappoint in the 2020 baseball season.