Carly O’Neill
Editor in Chief

First Friday took place this month on Oct. 2 in downtown Lancaster from 5-9 p.m. From the lively city full of lights and curious people to the exquisite food and outdoor seating offered by local restaurants, the night was full of fun activities. Visitors did keep in mind that COVID-19 is still very much a thing and socially distanced as needed, while wearing masks around the city. 

Tables with a bucket of sanitizing wipes, along with a hefty bottle of hand sanitizer were placed around the city to encourage safety before pleasure. Musicians were utilizing the city’s outdoor audience by performing to passerbyers and collecting tips if people were particularly pleased with their performance. A dancer set up shop in an alleyway performing on a mat to “The Greatest Showman.”

Several restaurants had tables and chairs displayed outside their restaurants to encourage social distancing and attract other visitors to their menu. While inside dining was also an option at most restaurants like The Black Goat Gastropub, seating was little to none to ensure limited capacity indoors. Other restaurants like the Lancaster Dispensing Company replaced their physical menus with a bar scan that customers can take a picture of to look up and browse an online menu.

Photo courtesy of Carly O’Neill/Snapper. Restaurants line the streets with outdoor seating to encourage visitors to social distance.

Lancaster Cupcake, which has recently undergone renovations, was back open to the public with their popular fall themed cupcakes like, Maple Pumpkin Pecan, Pumpkin Spice, and a Vegan and Gluten free Pumpkin Roll. Their seating area was also decorated with fun velvet pumpkins and flowers to add to the warm aesthetic of the shop. 

All in all, First Friday was a refreshing escape from reality that allowed people to come together, while remaining 6 ft. apart to enjoy quality food and entertainment in the heart of Lancaster city.

Photo courtesy of Carly O’Neill/Snapper. First Friday brings creative energy and expression to the city.