Kathryn Baker
Staff Writer

In a world that feels hopeless, suddenly Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans of all ages have something to rejoice on. “WandaVision”, which first premiered on Disney + on January 19, 2021 focuses on Avengers, Wanda Maximoff and Vision through a blend of classic American TV and superhero culture. The show is set in a post “Avengers: Endgame” universe, and places viewers into the lives of these two underrated characters.

The first episode is set to represent the 1950s, the second in the 1960s and so on. Many are comparing the suburban lifestyle and relationship characteristics of the couple to classic vintage TV comedies such as “I Love Lucy,” and “The Brady Bunch.” Over the course of the four episodes viewers have experienced a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the story continues to unfold. Critics from the New York Times are calling this show “A new TV era for Marvel’s roster of superheroes,” (Hall, 2021). There are many Marvel fans that have been sharing nothing but positive reactions to the new series, including several Millersville University students.

A group of students began bonding over “the situation comedy meets the science-fiction conspiracy thriller” show after Disney announced the production at the 2020 Investors Day event (Hall, 2021). While the four anxiously waited for the show to air, they decided to get the full experience of it every Friday night. They would stream it together on Zoom and now it has become a highly anticipated weekly event for the friends.

Addison Styer, a junior at Millersville University shared some of his thoughts on the series. “Honestly, I’ve been a Marvel fan since the first “Iron Man” movie was given to me for Christmas when I was eight years old. Being able to grow up with these movies and now share them with friends is the coolest experience,” says Styer.

He had nothing but positive remarks about the show sharing that he was both “anxious and excited” to continue to watch the character growth between Wanda and Vision. He did share that not everyone in the group is as optimistic about where the series is headed.

Hannah Brown, also a junior at Millersville University, is one of those people. “I’m not a huge fan of the ‘salute to classic sitcoms’ concept that’s going on. Feels tacky and doesn’t relate to anything the MCU has ever created,” says Brown.

Whether you agree with her statement or not, one thing is true. This is nothing that the Marvel Universe has ever done before. Even though Brown does not share as bright of a review as many fans and critics, that doesn’t take away from the growing community of Marvel enthusiasts here at Millersville University.

This past Friday, three more students, raising the group number to seven, gathered on Zoom to stream the fourth episode. Amid a global pandemic, students can find comic relief through the twists and turns of this sitcom superhero story. The group hopes to find more students that share a similar passion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and aims to spend those Friday nights on Zoom, enjoying one thing a pandemic could not take from them: a Disney+ original.