Caleb Wolfe
Sports Editor

After nearly a year long hiatus, sports at Millersville University are returning.  The first two team sports to resume will be the men’s baseball team and women’s softball team.

The baseball team specifically is coming off their best season in the last five years.  They earned an impressive 14-4 record, looked on pace to make a deep playoff run, but sadly had their season cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Continuing the momentum from last year is going to be crucial for the Marauders as team moves into the 2021 season.   There are still a handful of teams within the PSAC that placed better than them last season.  Some of those teams being: Bloomsburg, East Stroudsburg, West Chester, Slippery Rock, and Seton Hill.

Thankfully the men’s schedule is somewhat easier than most this season.  Of those listed prior East Stroudsburg, Bloomsburg, and division rivals West Chester are the only teams that Millersville will have to face off against several times throughout the season.

Additionally, the majority of their 2021 schedule is made up of teams that look to be worse than Millersville.  Some of those teams being: Clarion, Lock Haven, Shippensburg, Shepherd, Mansfield, and Kutztown.

The biggest concern for the men’s baseball team is their post-season potential.  Though they have seen great success in playoff tournaments this decade, the last time the team reached the playoffs it resulted in a 1-4 record across both the PSAC Tournament and NCAA Atlantic Regional combined.  Given they are almost destined to reach the playoffs again this season; it is likely the team seeks redemption and makes a deep playoff run.

Meanwhile the women’s softball team is in a completely opposite situation than that of the baseball team.  Throughout the previous decade the team has been extremely inconsistent, and has not seen much playoff success. 

However the bright side to this gloomy situation is that the softball team seems to be making a change for the better.  Though their 2020 season was cut short as well, they did have a winning record of 5-4 prior to the cancellation of the season. 

Similar to the baseball team they look continue the momentum from last season, but opposite to the baseball team the schedule for the softball team is quite daunting.  The bulk of their schedule consists of teams who placed better than them last season.  Some of those teams being: Kutztown, Shippensburg, West Chester, Bloomsburg, and Mansfield.

Thankfully the schedule starts off with a handful of easy games for the softball team.  Therefore if they manage to win most of the games in the first half of their schedule, they might have the energy to continue that trend, and ultimately defeat the difficult teams slotted in the second half of their schedule.  Thus, hope is not lost for the softball season, far from such.

Both the baseball and softball team look optimistic heading into the 2021 season, and excited students and fans alike will be able to see the results soon.  In fact the softball team begins their season in under a week, as they will be playing a double-header against Jefferson University on February 20.  The first of those two matches is scheduled to start at 12:00 p.m.  Similarly the baseball team starts their season with a double-header against Clarion University on March 3.  The first of those two matches is also scheduled to start at 12:00 p.m.

Last but not least, all home games played by the baseball and softball team can be watched live on the Millersville athletics website.