Caleb Wolfe
Sports Editor

With campus sports returning in less than a week, many students were unsure if they would be watching the games from the sidelines or the computer screen. Thankfully, Millersville Athletics recently announced a list of attendance policies that will not only allow people to attend these games, but more importantly do so in a safe manner.

The list provided by the Millersville Athletics website specifies the following rules for spectators of any Millersville University event:

  •  Fans must wear a face covering or mask at all times.
  •  Fans must remain physically distant from other families or groups when moving throughout the venue and waiting in a line.
  •  Fans must remain in their “seating pod” with their family or group and remain physically distanced from others when moving throughout the spectator seating area. Sitting with another group or family is prohibited.
  •  Fans are not permitted to interact with student-athletes, coaches, team personnel, or officials at any time. This also applies to family members of these individuals.
  •  Fans are encouraged to review venue health and safety guidelines prior to arrival.
  •  Fans are not permitted to tailgate or gather in groups on University property pre or post game.

Millersville Athletics instructs that these rules be properly followed at all times, and that failure to comply with any of the rules may result in an expulsion from the event and venue.

Obviously these rules only apply to home games played on campus, and the rules for matches held at other Universities may vary. On that note, tickets are not being sold to members of the general public nor fans of visiting teams. Therefore it’s very likely the same precedent will prevent fans of Millersville to attend their away games.

In the case of ticketing, priority is being given to the families of student athletes. A smaller number of tickets will then be available for members of the Black & Gold Club, alumni, Millersville University staff, faculty, and students. Notably, these tickets must be pre-registered through the Millersville Athletics website prior to each home game.

Finally, and most importantly, the website states that these policies were established to provide a safe environment while keeping in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Health requirements for gatherings. Furthermore, live broadcasts will be available on the Ville Sports Network for any fans unable to attend.