Carly O’Neill
Edior in Chief

Millersville is holding its annual One Day Give today, February 25 from 6 a.m. to midnight. The theme of the event this year is “Give To What You Love” and it will be held online to allow students, faculty, staff, and alumni to donate to a program of their choosing. The 18-hour fundraiser will be held to encourage donations, no matter how small to support the university, academic department, or the athletic team here at Millersville.

President Dr. Wubah was proud to announce this year’s special Millersville sock design, created exclusively for this event. The socks feature Miller and S’ville and can easily be won by both students and faculty. If students donate at least $10 and faculty donate at least $20 today, then get ready to sport Millersville’s custom made socks. 

Any donations made by Millersville students today will be matched by the Millersville University Alumni Association and PSECU by up to $3,000. Donations given to the College of Science and Technology will be matched to support student and faculty research, internships, and other needs by up to $13,000. 

In the athletics department, the top women’s and men’s teams with the highest alumni donor participation will receive $2,500 scholarships to their program. Students can track the athletics leaderboards throughout the day to see which team is in the lead. The leaderboard also displays any increase or decrease in donations and gifts compared to last year’s event. 

In 2020 Millersville raised a total of $291,867 in donations during Millersville’s One Day Give with 233 students participating. This year’s goal is to raise at least $225,000 in donations. 

Feeling in the giving mood today? Donate a gift as low as $5 to one of several Millersville programs up until midnight tonight.