Caleb Wolfe
Sports Editor

With a little over a week remaining this season, the Millersville Baseball team has put themselves in a tremendous position heading into the PSAC Tournament.  They currently sit atop the PSAC East division, and they have the second best record of all teams within the wider PSAC region.  Considering the dwindling number of games remaining this season; the Marauders have the ability to maintain control of the division.

Though they appear dominant, the Marauders only hold a 19-9 record.  Therefore, these final nine games of the season are going to be crucial in securing a favorable spot in the playoffs.  What makes them more important is that eight of them are played against PSAC East division rivals: four against Mansfield, and four against Kutztown.  Thankfully, neither of these teams have played remarkably this season, so the Marauders should win handily.

On that note, defeating division rivals have been the Marauders strong suit this season.  In their four matches against Lock Haven they won three games.  In their four matches against East Stroudsburg they won three games.  In their four games against West Chester they won three games.  In fact, every time the Marauders faced an opponent four times this season they won three games exactly.

The only instance in which Millersville Baseball has struggled against a division rival occurred mid-way through the season.  The Marauders dropped two of three games against Shepherd; a team who will very likely qualify for the playoffs with them.   Shepherd currently sits at third place in the PSAC East, and their placement is unlikely to fall prior to the playoffs. 

Another team who gave the Marauders trouble during the season, and are definitely qualifying for the playoffs, is Seton Hill.  The Marauders only played them once, but it left a lasting impression, as they lost 6-13.  Furthermore, Seton Hill is the only team in the PSAC with a record better than Millersville, and it’s by a mile.  Their record currently stands at 21-2. 

One of the best ways Millersville can retaliate and prepare for both of these teams (or any team in the playoffs) is by winning the rest of their games this season.  This will hopefully give the Marauders enough momentum for a deep playoff run, and will allow them to replicate the success of recent playoff seasons.

Regardless, the Marauders’ playoff spot is all but secured, so fans have that to look forward to. The Quarterfinals of the PSAC Baseball Tournament are scheduled to start on May 12th.  As always, games can be watched safely online, and ticketing information can be found via the hosting university.