Caleb Wolfe
Sports Editor

After a roller coaster of a schedule, the Millersville Softball team managed to close out with a positive record of 21-19. Somewhat similarly to the 2020 season, which was cancelled after only a handful of games due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this season was shortened and adjusted heavily for COVID-19. Thankfully the Marauders were able to safely attend all of their matches, and (as stated prior) obtain a respectable record.

On a sad note, the Millersville Softball team did not qualify for the PSAC Tournament. This may be unsurprising considering the middling nature of their overall record. However, the overall record is not used by the PSAC when determining which team qualifies for the playoffs. Instead a team’s conference record plays a greater impact in their qualification. The Marauders’ conference record was 14-18 though.

This highlights one of the biggest issues the Marauders struggled with this season, which was defeating division opponents. Furthermore, not once did the Marauders win a series against a division rival. In every four game series played against division opponents; the best they could manage was to split the series evenly. In some cases they would simply lose the series. These lost matches added up quickly for the Marauders.

Conversely, the Marauders did a tremendous job defeating teams outside of their division, and they only dropped one game to an non-divisional opponent. This is the reason their overall record finishes above .500, but their conference record finishes below .500.

Thankfully the Marauders showed noticeable improvements from their last season, though there was a larger, two year gap in between then and now. Hopefully this progress continues into next year, and we continue to see the resilient team that showed up on the field this year. If they maintain their trajectory, the PSAC Softball Tournament that has eluded them the last couple seasons will soon reach their grasp.