By Kylie Stoltzfus
News Editor

Dr. Samuel Lombardo and Mrs. Dena Lombardo’s most recent gift of $5 million will fund the renovation of Brooks Hall into the new home of Millersville University’s Lombardo School of Business. The Lombardos have made substantial gifts to Millersville University in the past, amounting to $10 million in total. 

In a release by the university, the renovation of Brooks Hall will “nurture student success for generations to come,” Dr. Wubah says. The renovation comes nearly four years after the 2017 closure of Brooks Hall. 

In an interview with the university, Lombardo shares that it is a dream of his to facilitate the growth of business students. 

“I’m a businessperson who started with nothing and built my company from the ground up,” Lombardo says. 

Samuel Lombardo is the founder, chairman and CEO of the Benecon Group, a Lancaster-based insurance agency. Since its founding, Benecon has expanded its reach nationwide. Lombardo is also the founder of Benecon’s sister company, ConnectCare3, a health and wellness group that provides assistance to individuals as they navigate the healthcare system. 

Lombardo’s contribution begins Millersville University’s Imagine the Possible campaign to raise $90 million in funds for campus revitalization. 
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