By Allison Ross
Staff Writer

This past weekend, on September 11th, hundreds of Millersville students volunteered within the community to participate in the annual United Way Day of Caring. This tradition has stood strong for 20 years, in commemoration of the attack on the World Trade Center, on September 11th, 2001. The annual Day of Caring allows Millersville students to give back to the Lancaster community. 

Many professors in the psychology and ecology departments give their class the opportunity to participate in this event along with the Millersville Honors College. This year the Honors College had over 135 members which is the largest group that they have ever sent to this event. 

President Wubah started off the day with an encouraging speech to the participating students, he reminded us of our EPPIC values and how important it is to give back. President Wubah also participated in the Day of Caring working alongside the Millersville students to show that being in a position of power does not mean that you are above helping your community. 

Many groups of students were sent out throughout Lancaster County, performing different tasks from simple yard work to household cleaning, and even beautification of outdoor areas, bringing them back to life. 

One group traveled to the Hands-on House: Children’s Museum of Lancaster, and worked on painting stepping stones and sidewalks to create an outdoor recreational monopoly board, while others went to restore headstones at local cemeteries.  

​​When asked about her experience volunteering at Day of Caring, freshman Honors College member, Pauline Jodry, commented. “It felt amazing to give to the community on this day. I had a great time with the people of the Lancaster Public Works picking up trash around the block, and weeding. It was a beautiful day with amazing weather, which is all we could ask for. I would definitely participate in the Day of Caring next year.”  

Dr. Elizabeth Thyrum, Director of the Honors College and associate psychology professor commented, “This was my fifth year with the honors students and their participation in the Day of Caring.   It’s very impactful and beneficial for our students to get off campus into our communities, to interact with employees of various local non-profits and their community volunteers, to learn about their programs, and to have an opportunity to make a difference”. 

The Day of Caring shows that in just a few hours, many hands at work can make a big change when giving back to their community, and the people around us.