By Katie Baker
Opinion Editor

As Millersville University students enter the fall semester, a new academic program called ‘Starfish’ has been implemented in order to assist students. The program is used to give early alerts to notify students if they are staying on pace or if they need additional academic assistance. Starfish provides progress surveys that give updates on individual course progress and has a function for students to access additional resources to help them be successful.

Moving back into the classroom after almost two years of remote learning can be overwhelming and challenging for many students. Starfish allows students to connect with their professors to make sure they are staying on track throughout the semester. In an effort to promote personal accountability, Starfish allows students to connect with their professors and gives reliable data on student progress. This is a site where Mauraders can find valuable resources and services, plus a portal for personal interventions. 

Students can access their portal by visiting the Starfish website or login in through their MyVille portal. Undergraduate students enrolled in 15-week semester courses will be able to see reports regarding their academic progress. Reach out to your professors for more information on Starfish.