The iconic children’s show character Blue, of Blue’s Clues. Photo courtesy of Flickr

Nick Hughes
Managing Editor

Steve from Blue’s Clues, a character I never thought I would see again in my lifetime. As a kid, my last memory of him was his going away to college episode. After that was his brother Joe, my new best friend. Steve came back to us this year though, not as the mystery solver, but as a friend. A friend who came at a time when I, and I would say, a lot of us needed. 

The Nickelodeon show, Blue’s Clues, is a show where the host would search the house for clues with Steve’s dog, Blue, all in a bid to solve a question that was shown towards the beginning of the episode. It’s a toddler show and a great one at that. I am 29 at the time of writing this and I have not thought about the show in quite some time, but when I took to Twitter a few days ago, Steve was there waiting for me.

Steve was proud of me and by extension everyone that grew up with Blue’s Clues. He mentioned mounting student loans and problems we have as adults, but he never forgot us and he is proud of us. That bit is what made me smile and tear up at the same time. With that, I realized how much I have done since watching Blue’s Clues on the TV in the morning. 

I want to think that this was done because they knew what kind of reaction they would get. I don’t mind that it is a marketing ploy at the same time, a lot of people my age has kids and monthly rent. As well as a bounty of other responsibilities. Hearing that Steve is proud of me was a lifting moment to say the least. To be honest with everyone, I am struggling right now. I am able to manage it, but Steve from Blue’s Clues helped a lot in that management this week. I’m 29 and still have not gotten a single degree. Sure, I am chipping away at it slowly, but I still feel like I am failing somehow. 

Steve does not think so though, and that is an affirmation that I did not know I needed. I saw a lot of responses on the social media platforms, saying that it hit them in the feelings and what-not, it did me too, mind you, but I want to turn this feeling of joy into something even more productive. I want to make Steve prouder that this past time. I want to graduate college and get a job and all that comes with it. Success is found in many different forms for many different people and Steve reminded me of that.

I may be struggling, but who isn’t? We all have struggles that we deal with and cope within our own way. Steve just appeared and I am so happy that he did. Thank you, Steve, you helped me this week and I am sure you helped many others like me. This is a reminder to just be kind to one another. There is no reason to get angry or mad at someone for something trivial.

I sincerely hope, if you watched it, that Steve helped you as well.