By Justin Deibler
Associate News Editor

The Snapper News team shares a weekly round-up of the biggest stories in national politics.

“Rust” Set Shooting leaves One Dead, Another Injured

Tragedy strikes on the New Mexico set of “Rust ” as a prop gun was fired, killing one and injuring another. The incident occurred during a shoot for a scene in the movie. Actor Alec Baldwin fired the gun at the camera, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. 

According to Associated Press News, Baldwin was given the gun by assistant director Dave Halls who declared, “cold gun,” indicating that the weapon was not loaded. 

In an affidavit released Sunday, crew members of the set were said to have walked off due to various safety concerns, including multiple instances where the same gun misfired. 

Pelosi says Deal On Social Spending bill almost done

On Sunday Nancy Pelosi claimed the majority of the Build Back Better agenda has been agreed upon. The hope for Democrats is to have the deal done before President Biden travels to Europe later this week. 

Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) said on Fox News Sunday that the deal was likely to be done this week. Progressives have still tied the infrastructure bill to an agreement on this larger social spending bill.

Negotiations continue as time is running out for a compromise to be made. Funding for Transportations Programs expire at the end of the month. 

Pfizer vaccine outweigh risks for 5-11

Recent studies show that the Pfizer variant of the COVID-19 vaccine is almost over 90% effective at stopping systematic COVID-19. 

This news will open the door for possible FDA approvement of the vaccine on emergency measures. The vote for such approval could come as early as this week. 

If such approval is made by the FDA, some 28 million children would be made eligible to receive their vaccinations in a major step for the country’s progress towards vaccination. 

Weather Batters West Coast, East Coast up next

Millions of people on the West Coast were slammed with record-setting storms. Some places in California clocked wind speeds at over 100 mph, close to hurricane weather. 

Over four inches of rain were recorded in places such as San Francisco, breaking October records in the area. 

Over 90 million people across the country will experience dangerous weather in terms of wind, rainfall, or thunderstorms. 

The North Eastern United States will start to prepare for its first storms of the year. Including 31 million people that were put under flood warnings for later this week. 

Biden commits to Defence of Taiwan, Official policy Wording not so clear

Last Thursday President Biden committed to protecting Taiwan. On a CNN town hall he had this to say after being asked twice whether the United States is committed to protecting Taiwan, “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.” Presidents of the past said very similar statements to this. 

The official wording of US defense is a lot more vague. The US policy of strategic ambiguity leaves an unclear meaning on how the US would exactly respond to Chinese aggression. 

Different from contractual obligations with other allies, the US is not specifically obliged to respond to China with any form of military force. The specifics of the Biden China policies remain to be seen.