Noodle relaxes in his bed after a long and relaxing “no bones” day / Courtesy of NewBreak

Morgan Huber
Associate Opinion Editor

Is it a bones day, or a no bones day? Such an unusual question seems to be popping up around campus, but many are unaware of its meaning or origin. The concept known as “bones day” is the latest viral meme which began with a pug by the name of Noodle.

Jonathan Graziano, the owner of the now famous canine, started posting videos of his four-legged companion back in September 2020, but did not regularly post “bones day” videos until August of this year. In these videos, Graziano attempts to get his 13-year-old pug, Noodle, to sit up on his own. If Noodle can stand independently, he has “bones,” indicating that he is ready for the day, and that viewers should be motivated to have a wonderful, productive day. However if Noodle plops back down onto his snuggly bed as if he has “no bones,” then today is a lazy day, and viewers can relax and take time for themselves. 

Graziano’s TikTok account, @jongraz, has accumulated nearly four million followers since the series of short videos went viral, with the most popular garnering more than 10 million views. 

With Noodle providing motivation for teens and young adults everywhere, he has become the new horoscope, predicting the overall vibe and outcome of one’s day. Students now sometimes use Noodles’ “no bones” predictions as an excuse for their activities and behavior, whether that be finishing a term paper, trying the chicken at the Galley, or studying for an exam.

“I’m skipping my exam, it’s a no bones day,” declared one student as they walked across campus. 

But beyond this seemingly harmless trend, how exactly does it impact students, and why is Noodle so popular?

This famous pug is not only an icon for dog lovers, but also a beacon of hope for many young people, especially those who have little else to provide support or motivation. Yes, to a certain extent, this whole “no bones” meme is another silly trend occupying the minds of children, but there is also a positive side to this trend and others like it.

This past Summer, I lost my own beloved pug, Jasper, to cancer. The two canines share much in common – same age, size, fur coat, and even similar mannerisms and vision and respiratory issues, which are common among pugs. Whenever I see Noodle on my screen, I find comfort in him living his daily life, as Jasper did, overcoming obstacles as he motivates viewers like myself to do the same. 

Whether you are a past or present dog owner, dog lover, or just someone who loves to scroll through TikTok, watching cute animals going through their own version of the same struggles as us can be very reassuring. Not much else is more wholesome than watching a dog be helped by his owner, and in turn helping others find a spark of inspiration for their day. The “no bones” trend may be silly and innocent, but it can also be a very effective tool for practicing self care and providing light to otherwise dark times. In other words, if a pug can stand up and have a great day, so can you. I hope you have many wonderful “bones days.”