Simren Shah
Features Editor

Good morning, simulation farmers! If you are scrolling through Netflix and are unsure of what to watch, I invite you to enter the simulated universe of Netflix’s original series, Midnight Gospel.

Fellow existentialists and Adventure Time fans, my intuition tells me you will enjoy this one. Midnight Gospel was released on Netflix in April of 2020; between then and now, the show has attracted a large fan base. However, after talking with some of my fellow editorial staff who have still not experienced this animated adventure, I felt it necessary to provide Snapper readers with some insights on the ultimate simulation series.

Clancy Gilroy, voiced by comedian Duncan Tressell, is a 44-year-old podcaster, a.k.a. “Space caster,” who travels between alternate universes. In each of the eight episodes in this short series, Clancy travels to a different planet with a new cast of characters to interview about their philosophical perspectives regarding matters of both life and death. Be warned, it gets intense— like modern-day Socrates intense. 

The series kicks off with space caster Clancy landing on a planet during a total zombie apocalypse. Here, he discusses contrasts between marijuana and benzodiazepines with the planet’s president as the president simultaneously shoots zombies; the plotline is pretty loaded to say the least.

Clancy voices his experiences and thoughts to the president and they ask each other personal and hypothetical questions to attempt to inspire viewers to take a deeper look at themselves, the world, and others. The proceeding episodes continue to utilize this conversational style to delve into topics such as the meaning of life, death, love, birth, religion and other vulnerable concepts. As Clancy explores each unique reality, he is constantly moving through the unique world that he has landed in. Short, catchy songs help to keep the viewer entertained and invested during these travels.

Humorous dialogue and characters alongside psychedelic animation accompany the more serious concepts that Clancy is faced with on his journeys. Thus, Midnight Gospel reminds viewers that although life and death are serious matters, nobody should be serious all the time. From clown babies born from fruit to the different physical forms that Clancy takes on, there are many entertaining moments throughout the series. 

The universes Clancy travels to are realms where fantasy and reality meet to depict how humans should come to accept that they were born, must choose how to live and accept the ultimate end of their journeys.

While seemingly absurd, the worlds of Midnight Gospel are relevant points of contemplation for us all.

So far, there is no confirmation of a second season to continue Clancy’s deep— and deeply comedic— cosmic encounters. Fans will have to wait patiently to see if Netflix decides to take them on another trip with Clancy Gilroy.