Associate Sports Editor

Millersville football  played their homecoming game last Saturday against some stiff competition in the Shepherd University Rams, who have been on a roll. It was going to be a tough game for the Marauders no matter what happened. With that and bad weather all around, Millersville lost their homecoming game 38-13.  

While the result of this game definitely seems to be a blowout, Millersville did everything they could. The Rams’ quarterback, Tyson Bagent, had led the nation in passing yards, and is in that position again this year. That high-powered offense would cause problems for the Millersville defense, so Millersville had to grab points anywhere they could. But, at the start of the game, Millersville’s defense was able to hold the Ram’s offense to three-and-outs on their first four drives of the game.  

On the second drive, Millersville was able to get a blocked punt on a low snap, and Randy Okungu of Millersville fell on the ball in the end zone for a special team’s touchdown. A good start for the Marauders, but it was going to be a tough task to hold on to that slim lead.  

The Rams proved that quickly in the second quarter, scoring their first touchdown on a 44-yard pass from Bagent to even the score at 7-7. A few drives later, the Rams were able to extend their lead after a 1-yard rushing touchdown from Chantz Swartz, giving the Rams a lead of 14-7. The Rams wouldn’t look back from that point, scoring three more rushing touchdowns and a field goal all unanswered by the Marauders. 

Millersville’s offense had a hard time getting into the endzone. Millersville was finally able to get some points at the last second, scoring a 38-yard passing touchdown from Cole Klayman to T’iar Young. However, that was all she wrote, and the game was over.  

Despite the tough loss, Millersville didn’t make it very easy for the Rams. The usually potent passing attack generated by the Rams offense was having a difficult time. The Rams ended with three interceptions, caught by D’Andre Blue-Eli, Christian Martir, and Steve Sweeney.  

Those three picks doubled Tyson Bagent’s interception total for the previous six games. Not only that, but the Millersville front seven were efficient in the pass rush, bringing down Bagent three times in 32 drop backs. Due to the miscues happening through the pass, the Rams turned to the run, and the Marauders had a hard time stopping that run game, and with that the Marauders fell.  

Millersville should be proud for standing tough against Shepherd, ranked 15. They look to rebound in their next away game against Shippensburg on October 23rd.