“Dug Days” released on Disney+ on September 1, 2021. PHOTO COURTESY OF DISNEY MEDIA KIT


Katie Baker
Opinion Editor

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely love a cute Pixar animated show or movie that features any fluffy animal. “Dug Days,” which focuses on Carl and Dug from the Disney Pixar’s “Up” (2009), shows an inside look at their life after returning from Paradise Falls in the movie. There are a total of five short episodes on Disney+ ranging from 9-12 minutes each. 

Right from the title sequence my heart was melting watching Dug and Carl pick out the perfect house together in the suburbs. The episodes range from puppies, to smelling the flowers and even Dug being a hero. None of the events that occur in the show directly relate to events from the movie, but stay faithful to the characteristics of the duo, making it very believable that this would occur. 

Throughout the short series, the lighthearted banter between Carl and Dug is showcased with things such as waking up early, stealing the good peanut butter and digging a hole in the garden. For dog owners, many of the episodes have relatable moments that we all face with our beloved furry friends.   

One of my favorite things about the show is that each episode always has a sweet moment between Carl and Dug. These scenes really pull at the heart, especially as a dog owner who wishes their dog could speak like Dug can. It’s heartwarming to see Carl, who was a real grumpy old man at the start of “Up,” soften up for his big fluffy talking golden retriever, even when Dug is tearing up the yard. 

For all the lifelong fans of the movie “Up,” this show also has an extra emotional appeal that should make you even more eager to watch. A few days before airing, Ed Asner, the voice of Carl, passed away at 91 years old. This project was his last performance, making the show even more special. 

Overall I was impressed, as always, with Pixar’s animation throughout the series. It was apparent that there was a lot of thought put into the production from start to finish to ensure the bond between Carl and Dug was accurately portrayed. Since Disney fans most likely will not be getting a second “Up” movie, I feel satisfied with the compromise of this short series. 

 “Dug Days” is a feel-good show that isn’t just for dog lovers, but has something for everyone that I guarantee will make you smile. All episodes of “Dug Days” are now streaming on Disney+.