A photo of Miller swimming at the pond. Photo Courtesy of Kat Delaney / SNAPPER


Simren Shah
Features Editor

Break out your flannels because fall has arrived! Until a few days ago, the heat of summer engulfed campus. Finally, now that it is mid-October, the leaves are changing against the autumn skies once again. Poets, I’m catching a “Nothing Gold Can Stay” vibe!

Millersville features some breathtaking natural scenery that is even more appealing during fall. Kat Delaney, Snapper photographer, took a walk around the pond to capture some gorgeous autumn photos. 

The pond, MU’s own little nature reserve, is especially charming during this time of year. Miller the swan would definitely agree with this notion— he looks very pleased with his new home decor of colorful fallen leaves! While the trees still retain much of their green hue, reds, oranges, yellows and browns are beginning to surface. The fading orange tones in the sky at dusk add to this fall aesthetic. 

Take a break from your studies, walk around campus and appreciate the natural beauty all around you before it gets too cold! This is perfect weather to take a walk around campus with friends or by yourself to clear your head— most of us are stressed out at this point in the semester! We could all benefit from a deep, socially distanced, breath of crisp air.

Perhaps, you could sit on a bench and enjoy some hot coffee or cocoa as the leaves fall all around you. Do you have too much homework to consider doing this? No problem! The pond is a perfect place to catch up on reading or study flashcards. Just don’t get too close; the swans still bite!