Shaun Lucas

Nintendo’s Sept. 23, 2021 edition of “Nintendo Direct” presented updated information on games set to release this Fall. Information was also given on titles set to release next year, including the anticipated release-date of Bayonetta 3

The presentation opened with a trailer for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, a paid extension to the action-adventure title Monster Hunter Rise. Due to the franchise’s recent surge in popularity, this is a solid announcement to start off the show.

More details were given to Mario Party Superstars, announcing three more boards based on past Mario Party titles. The appeal towards nostalgia content adds promise to this new release, bringing back the stylisted and expansive game boards of earlier series entries. Superstars is set to release Oct. 29.

Previously announced ports to the Nintendo Switch were also given release dates, with Disco Elysium: The Final Cut announced for a Oct. 12 digital release. More mature-toned games released on the console is always a plus, especially such a unique RPG suitable to handheld gaming. 

Similar to Monster Hunter Rise, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is releasing more paid downloadable content, showing a cinematic trailer for wave 2 of the Age of Calamity expansion pack. This wave is set to release Oct. 29. With Breath of the Wild released back in 2017, it is great that such a beloved title gets continuous support, continuing to be a must-have game for the console.

Continuous support also applies to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, which will be announcing its final additional fighter on Oct. 5, likely releasing the character the same month. With new fighter announcements being a staple to Nintendo Directs, saying upfront that no new character is being announced in the presentation was considerate. Plus, the final downloadable character of the 3-year supported game is worthy of a separate presentation.

Numerous independent titles were announced for Switch, such as Deltarune Chapter 2, which has been receiving rave reviews since its release on other platforms.

The anticipated Metroid Dread  received another trailer, with a tone of supernatural action-horror the franchise is known for. Dread looks incredibly polished and fast-paced, likely acting as a return to form for the mostly-dormant franchise. The game will release on Oct. 8, further packing next month with amazing content.

The major new game announced was Kirby and the Forgotten Land: a 3D Kirby game seemingly inspired by the open-world nature of Super Mario Odyssey. The trailer looked great and the game is releasing Spring 2022.

 A deluxe plan for Nintendo’s online subscription was announced, the main benefit being access to Nintendo 64 games soon coming to the service. The deluxe service allows players to play these classic games, such as Mario Tennis, online with friends. The price for the new plan is to be announced later on.

The lack of price upfront is worrying, especially since there are glaring problems with Nintendo’s online services overall.

In a bizarre turn, the main cast of the Super Mario Brothers movie, releasing in theatres Dec. 2022, was presented. Since the direct, the internet has been creating memes based on the casting, with notably bizarre choices such as Chris Pratt as Mario and Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong. Charlie Day as Luigi has been considered the highlight of the casting.

Splatoon 3 was given more details surrounding its darker-toned story. The art direction for the game is interesting and fitting of the new tone.

The direct ended with the first gameplay footage of Bayonetta 3 since the game’s announcement in 2017, along with the game being set to release in 2022. While fans were pleased with the gameplay, all the action may be overwhelming to a more casual player.