Here are some of the Squishmallow staff picks, chosen by our very own editors! Infographic courtesy of Julia Meassick / The Snapper

Katie Baker
Opinion Editor

If there is one thing in this world that will never stop being cherished, it’s stuffed animals. Whether you’re a newborn, a college student or a grandma, stuffed animals are ageless. Since the pandemic began, ‘Squishmallows’ are a brand of stuffed animals that have become increasingly popular. 

Now, they aren’t just your average stuffed friend, they have a unique round design that makes them almost like a pillow; except they are way more soft and squishy There are over a thousand different kinds of Squishmallows, from farm animals to fruits, Star Wars characters, and aquatic creatures. The possibilities are endless for these fluffy friends!

You may be wondering, what makes them so popular? For starters, they’re pretty inexpensive. You can find a Squishmallow that is larger than your head for only twenty dollars! On average they’re cheaper than many of the other stuffed animal competitors. Another thing that makes them so popular is that aside from the fact that they’re absolutely adorable, they are a big collector’s item. Similar to Beanie Babies, there are tons of limited edition toys that make them big-ticket items to have. Some examples of these items include Holiday Squishes, a Star Wars collection, and my personal favorite: Patty the Cow. According to the New York Times, since the toy hit the market in 2017, over 82 million have been sold. You can find them just about anywhere; Costco, Amazon, Facebook marketplace, and even at the Park City mall in stores such as Hallmark or Hot Topic. 

Personally, I think that Squishmallows became overwhelmingly popular during the pandemic because they offered people a sense of warmth and love in a time that felt so dark. Whether you’re a collector of them yourself, or someone who hasn’t had felt the joy of a Squishmallow stuffy, they are a timeless stuffed animal that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.