Whitney Walmer
Arts & Culture Associate Editor

“Arcane” brings League of Legends champions to life by expanding on their lore. For those who do not know, “League of Legends: is a game created by publishers Riot Games with a rich world built to be explored. Without playing the game, you can still explore through the Netflix series “Arcane.”

  At the beginning of the first act of the series, you are introduced to Vi, voiced by Hailee Steinfeld, and Powder, voiced by Ella Purnell, two orphans. The two are taken in by Vander, a veteran of a war that had occurred between Piltover, an ever-growing city above ground always striving for progress, and Zaun, a run-down underground stuck in the shadows of Piltover. As time passes, you find Vi and Powder above ground in Piltover with Claggor (Roger Craig Smith) and Mylo (Yuri Lowenthal) climbing buildings and rooftops that appear to have inventions inside and start taking things. When they hear someone at the door, they panic and attempt to escape when one of the Arcane crystals they had found during the heist explodes.

 After escaping the explosion, the gang gets attacked in a street alley and loses their heist’s precious rewards. Powder is scared and tosses the sack over the edge of the dock. Upon returning to Zaun, people had already discovered what had happened above when security started to patrol the streets searching for the cause. 

After other obstacles arise, Vi and Powder are separated by fate, leaving a long rivalry. 

With the plot expanding on other characters in the realms of Piltover and Zuan, even non-gamers will enjoy the show. However, there is more than just action; there is drama, creativity, and magic. The first act becomes more than just the beginning in the unique animation style and star casting with some of the champion’s original voices; you are experiencing the world that “Legend of Legends” resides in. And more to come as the act continues to unravel the lore.