Nick Hughes, the managing editor of the Snapper (pictured above), thanks readers and fellow writers for supporting him during his time at Millersville University. Photo courtesy of Kat Delaney / Snapper

Nick Hughes
Managing Editor

I have been here at Millersville for six years now. Going a little slow, but it is what it is. I will be graduating in the spring and it has been a stressful, anxiety-inducing journey. One part of my journey that I treasure, however, is that I have had a group of people that have accepted me regardless of what I was going through. 

The Snapper is the student-led paper here at Millersville and I think it is time that I recognize this group. The current group, past groups, and future groups are all great.

I started with Snapper my first semester after transferring from HACC Lancaster. The first edition that I was published in featured a piece about Star Wars. The next couple of weeks later I was the Opinion editor of the Snapper, with my associate editor, Robert. Who, coincidentally transferred to Millersville a semester before me. He was also the editor of the HACC student newspaper, LiveWire. We joked many times that the roles reversed, but I considered him an equal. I stayed on as Opinion editor for four and a half years. 

After that, I had to take a quick break from school for my mental health. Then I came back and became the Features editor for Snapper. I, admittedly, did not like this as much as I thought, but it was fine. The Opinion section holds a special place in my brain and I will always be grateful for my time there.

The editors-in-chief (EIC) have been rocks in my life during my time in college, especially Mickayla, Jared, and Shaun. Shaun is the current EIC, so he will definitely read this and I want to take the time to thank him. He is doing a great job and I am proud of everything he is accomplishing this semester. He is a great leader and is doing everything he can to keep the Snapper boat afloat. 

Jared was all about consistency and that tenacity to keep everything uniform in the paper transferred to me I would like to think. His handling of the paper was professional and I could not thank him enough for taking me home every week after layout. I moved to Lancaster in the winter that year and he was kind enough to help me out. With the paper though he inspired me to run for managing editor and I am eternally thankful for that. Being managing editor has been a pleasure and I love leading this group especially. 

The trust that they have in me keeps me humbled yet motivated to do better. If I could they would all be employee of the week. 

Now, let us talk about the most influential person in my Snapper career. Mickayla and her leadership as news editor, managing, and EIC was an inspiration to me. Her ability to lead as well as write and design made her a pillar in my chaotic life. 

I appreciated them all the more when I disclosed my autism. If I remember correctly, all they said was, “Okay, that doesn’t change who you are, you’re still Nick.” I never heard from her that I did not look autistic or that they would have never guessed, just acceptance. 

All three of the EIC’s I mentioned were like that. My autism never affected it. They accepted and accepted me for who I am, autism and all. That acceptance spread to the whole staff all my six years I would like to think.

Autism and acceptance aside, I want to thank the Snapper. This office is my second home practically and I could not have gotten through without the people who are here with me. Through all the ups and downs, The Snapper has been there. I thank you all and know that I am proud to be a part of this great organization.