Spider-Man is posed and ready to swing into action. / PHOTO COURTESY OF PIXAPAY.COM

Morgan Huber
Opinion Editor

The latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been talked about nonstop since its release on December 17, causing a commotion with one of the arguably best superhero movies in years. Even if fans have buzzed about the new Spidey flick to the point of making your ears bleed, there is no denying that “No Way Home” is worth the watch. An epic addition to the MCU, this movie stands out in the latest phase of superhero adaptations, both in terms of cinematic milestones and quality. 

Picking up immediately where its predecessor, “Far From Home” left off, this film follows Peter Parker, who seeks the help of former ally Doctor Strange after one of his biggest secrets is revealed to the world. Without spoiling the movie, I will certainly say that “No Way Home” brings in plenty of nostalgia, bound to pluck the heartstrings and funny bones of fans from virtually any “Spider-Man” comic or cinematic era. The third film in the MCU “Spider-Man” trilogy also takes a somewhat darker turn, straying away from the quirky teen atmosphere more prevalent in previous installments, with greater risks and unexpectedly drastic changes. Peter grows as he experiences love, loss, and friendship, navigating one of the most difficult conflicts in his crime-fighting career. 

The weight of Parker’s potential risk are elevated as the plot thickens, taking eager fans along on Parker’s tumultuous journey. The epic is complemented with captivating cinematography, witty and thoughtful writing, and superb acting from the entire cast. With a record-breaking Rotten Tomatoes score of 95% and both avid fans and casual viewers alike raving, “No Way Home” is sure to be a next-level cinematic masterpiece, proving that superhero films are more than just light blockbusters and cash-grabbing popcorn fare. Not to be cliche, but this film will truly make you laugh, cry, and possibly die of happiness, especially if you grew up loving and idolizing Spider-Man throughout your childhood.

Let’s be honest though – even if you are not a fan of Marvel, or comic book movies in general, and have yet to see “No Way Home” – what are you doing with your life? This film has a little something for everybody, which is why it has fared so well, even rivaling fan favorites such as “Infinity War” and “Endgame,” and for good reason. Not only does “No Way Home” provide a stepping stone for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as he navigates a new chapter in his life, but it also proves to be eye-catching, charming, and overall a mind-blowing watch for people of all ages. If you were wondering whether it is safe enough during the pandemic to go out to the theaters, now is your chance. Put on your favorite mask, munch on some popcorn, and enjoy the show – your life will never be the same once you enter the theater.