Star Wars enthusiast and managing editor Nick Hughes poses with his beloved 3D printed stormtrooper helmet, which often sits on his desk in our office. / Kat Delaney/Snapper

Nick Hughes
Managing Editor

For this year’s state of the union I want to focus on the fandom. Let me preface this by saying this: “Star Wars is for everyone.” This is from George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. Inclusiveness and diversity are great aspects of Star Wars, but it can do better. I think that they have made strides in the right direction with including same sex couples and disabled characters, but I think there should be more of that type of incluisveness. 

I say this, because of the abuse that Kelly Marie Tran received after “Episode VIII.” She deleted her Instagram because of the abuse she got just for being in the movie. The groups that opposed her did so based solely on the fact she is Asian and a woman. That is unacceptable, and it is not behavior befitting Star Wars. I loved her character and I wish that more was done with her in “Episode IX.” 

It is also thanks to this type of behavior that “Solo: A Star Wars Story” did not do as well as it could have in theaters. It is a fantastic film, but it was review bombed and hated on in a way that I do not appreciate. Let me reiterate: Star Wars is for everyone, not just white males. I never understood the mentality that the fans can only be one group of people. This is a problem with many fandoms I think and I am tired of it. 

So many Star Wars fans love it for the story and the characters and there are so many that claim to love it, but actually hate it for being inclusive. A trend has been festering ever since Disney bought Star Wars. So-called fans say that they are not happy with what Disney is doing with the franchise; it is not what they want, and if they do not want it, they automatically hate it. 

One recent issue that I have seen is the Grand Inquisitor’s design in the upcoming “Obi-Wan” show. His head is not identical to the rendition of the Grand Inquisitor in “Star Wars Rebels.” Nitpicking like that is not beneficial to Star Wars, and makes Lucasfilm more hesitant to make more content. They will watch it and complain and then continue to watch it. Fans did it with “Mandalorian” and “Book of Boba Fett,” which were both amazing. They will continue to do it with “Obi-Wan” and “Andor.” I am looking forward to both of them immensely. 

Star Wars is great and I cannot wait for more. The books are doing great, and it is one of the sectors that is doing great in the fandom. I love the “High Republic” era. Video games are doing amazing as well. “Eclipse” was announced recently and “The Old Republic” just had a new expansion made official.

Suffice to say, Star Wars is doing well, and the fans can either stay with it or not. Star Wars will continue with or without them. I will continue to love it, and nothing can change that.