Our Editor-in-Chief, Shaun Lucas, holds a delicious sushirrito in his hand. Poke Station, which serves these sushirittos, is the most recent addition to Millersville’s dining options. / Kat Delaney/Snapper

Shaun Lucas

This semester, a Poke Bowl Station opened up in the Comet Drive strip mall near Millersville’s campus. This little strip, also featuring restaurants such as China Wok, Wayback Burger, and Tropical Smoothie, is a godsend for those wishing to treat themselves to a meal beyond what is given at the dining halls. The string of restaurants is also just the introduction to all the excellent eateries around Lancaster. 

Prior to attending Millersville, I lived in a small town where the most exotic thing you could eat was at a local Chinese takeout spot. Despite my parents being fantastic cooks, I did have many opportunities to expose my pallet to new things while living at home. My first introduction to Lancaster restaurants was the Thai restaurant Eastern Palace, where I had Chicken Pad Thai for the first time in my life. Since then, my girlfriend and I have explored Lancaster for other spots, with some of our other favorites being Issei Noodle, Oka Asian Fusion, and Okinii Sushi. 

For those unfamiliar with these poke-styled restaurants, Poke Bowl Stations have items derived from sushi, including poke bowls and sushirittos. I ordered the “Magical Sushi Burrito” without much understanding about what I was even getting, yet I was still enamored by receiving what was essentially a large sushi roll. It was delicious and packed with avocado, shrimp, crabstick, and other goodies perfectly rolled up in sushi rice and seaweed nori.

As an incentive for a long week, I love to take one night of the weekend and get myself something great for dinner. What excites me is the fact that, for only a five-minute drive, I can get a sushirrito where one half fills me up for dinner and the other half of it gives me lunch for the next day.

I should mention that even with our favoritism towards Asian cuisine, Lancaster features an abundance of restaurants for nearly any occasion. Another favorite spot of mine and my family is Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant, as it provides a deep menu that features many classic dishes, such as great pizzas and chicken pot pie.

The exciting part for me is that there are numerous restaurants I have yet to try, many of which could become my new weekend favorite. In fact, the only challenge is to discipline myself to not go out and eat at these amazing places too often.

For those who can, I encourage you to take a step out of your comfort zone once in a while and see what Lancaster has to offer. You may find the odd new thing you are eating to be your favorite, much like how I fell in love with a sushirrito. After all, you are already coming here for classes, why not take advantage of another resource the location has to offer, that being superb food?