A student presents her research project at the 2019 Made in Millersville conference. / Photo courtesy of Millersville University

Morgan Huber
Opinion Editor

Millersville University’s annual “Made in Millersville” conference will be held in the McNairy Library on Tuesday, April 12, to celebrate the projects and accomplishments of students and members of the community.

This year’s conference will be the first to be held in person in nearly three years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To accommodate all who are interested, pre-recorded presentations and live streaming will also be provided as an option.

Made in Millersville, which has been held every year on campus since 2015, gives students the opportunity to present their research, creative and scholarly projects to the community, covering a wide variety of topics within all academic departments. More than 200 students are expected to present at this year’s conference, breaking a record from previous years. Students will not only be able to present their hard work, but also give employers, faculty, and residents a glimpse into the research and progress made by the people who make Millersville thrive.

“For students who are presenting, this is a great opportunity to practice talking about what they have done and what they have learned to a diverse audience, a skill that will be useful after they leave the university,” says Dr. Rene Munoz, director of sponsored programs & research administration, and coordinator for Made in Millersville, “it’s a time for the campus community to come together and celebrate the reason we are here – educating, training, teaching students – and to build community and comity around that idea.”

In addition to demonstrating their work either in person or online, student presenters can also have their projects published in this year’s Made in Millersville Journal, which summarizes research conducted by students on and off campus. 

For more information regarding this year’s conference, readers may contact Rene Munoz at remunoz@millersville.edu or by logging on to the conference website at https://www.madeinmu.education.