Bridgerton newest season in their best one yet


Whitney Walmer

Associate Arts & Culture Editor

Binge-watching Bridgerton season two after its release on March 25 felt so wrong but so right. The story of love and lust continues to unfold as the time has come for Viscount Anthony Bridgerton – played by Johnathan Bailey – to participate this season.

As Anthony takes on the responsibilities of his late father, the audience continues to learn more about what it is he truly desires, as preparation for the season is not only for the ladies but also the men. They need to know what it is they desire in a woman for Lord Bridgerton: a good woman, someone to watch over the house and have children, not someone to love. It is not easy selecting the companion that you will spend the rest of your life with, and Bridgerton does not make it easy on himself as he sets up appointments with each likable lady of the season with high expectations. 

Beyond finding what will pass for love, this season focuses on the new competition with the arrival of the Sharma sisters, Kate – Simone Ashley -, and her younger sister Edwina – Charithra Chandran. With the hindrance of the sisters joining the race and Edwina being the most honored lady of the season, as the Queen calls her diamond, the season becomes more complex. When it is the diamond that Anthony believes that he wants, Kate does not make the pursuit easy. Trouble does not only occur for Anthony in trying to satisfy himself and his family but other family members have their own challenges.

Without containing spoilers, as there may be some of you who have not found the time to finish season one, or watch it at all, just know that once you start the series, your emotions may get the best of you in scenes with conflicting signals and will-they-won’t-they moments. This new season is full of moments that give viewers a satisfying yet heart-wrenching feeling of being strung along; moments that even have your boyfriend emotional and opinionated.

Anthony’s struggle is one of many in the show; Lady Whistledown’s identity is within arms reach of the Queen, as she seeks to take her down. The disaster that is the Featherington family continues with their plots and schemes, forcing Penelope to cope in her own ways. In managing the family’s hijinx, she still seeks to remain close to her dearest friend Eloise, as their friendship dwindles on a thin thread. 

After finishing the first season I found myself expecting less from the second, but I was mistaken. The second season went beyond my expectations. As my opinion of the release of season two may have been due to the Duke – Rege-Jean Page – not continuing in the series, I feel that the series has continued fine without him. Daphne – Phoebe Dynevor – still played a significant role in the season, as she was the diamond last season with good intentions. To let you see for yourself what more was left unsaid in the season, I will let you see the grandeur for yourself on Netflix.