Lindsay Griffiths is the 2022-23 president elect of the SGA. / Photo Courtesy of SGA

Morgan Huber
Opinion Editor

Millersville University’s Student Government Association announced candidate Lindsay Griffiths as the elected president this week after she won 65% of the vote in last month’s campus-wide election. 

In an email addressed to the university community, the Office of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management on behalf of SGA announced Griffiths as president-elect, as well as the following for their respective positions – Aiden O’Neill as director of finance, Owen Dougherty as director of student life, and Rachel Lamb as secretary. As part of SGA’s election policy, opposing presidential candidate Bryan Nelson will also have the opportunity to assume any vacant executive position he chooses. 

Griffiths, a junior early childhood education major and music minor, currently serves as SGA’s director of organizations, and upon her inauguration on April 28, will succeed incumbent Leizel Schlott as president. Not only will Griffiths take on the role of representing the student body and the Millersville community, but she will also be the first student in MU’s education program to do so in nearly a decade.

A former performing arts representative for SGA for two years, Griffiths was appointed to director of organizations in Spring 2020, having served on the elections, student concerns, student organizations, and social affairs committees during her time at Millersville. 

Besides her active participation in student government, Griffiths is very involved in campus affairs. Currently, she serves as a twirler for the marching band, parliamentarian for the honors fraternity Phi Sigma Pi, and is the outgoing secretary for the Roundtable Organization of Abstract Discussions – ROADS. In addition to clubs, Griffiths is also a leadership consultant for Campus Life, where she works with student leaders and clubs to ensure that their executive boards meet and exceed expectations and standards for the university.  

When asked about how she got started in SGA, Griffiths stated, “my freshman year, I was in marching band. We needed representation within the student government to rebuild our relationship with the community. We struggled with funding and self-advocacy, and wanted to improve our status and capabilities as an organization. I ended up really enjoying SGA, and now here I am two years later.”

“After being able to have this opportunity to represent performing arts, I wanted to work on a larger scale and advocate for all organizations across the campus, to be that guiding hand,” Griffiths continued, “when I ran for president, my goal was and still is to continue advocating for students and being that person they can go to for help, no matter the concern.”

Her journey with SGA started out quite rocky, with her being appointed to her first executive position at the onset of the pandemic. With classes and clubs suddenly going remote, Griffiths and her colleagues had to work from home, making it even more difficult to represent and remain connected with students and faculty. However, this proved to be a monumental learning experience for the organization.

“Everything does not always fall in front of you,” Griffiths says, “sometimes you have to reach out and communicate to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.”

As the Millersville community attempts to transition back to normalcy following the pandemic, SGA strives to amend the weakened bonds between the university and its faculty, students, and organizations. With Griffiths and her team at the helm, the organization plans to focus on revitalizing campus life.

Since announcing her candidacy, Griffiths’ platform has primarily focused on inclusivity, communication, and representation both within the university and student government itself. Some of her goals are to maintain communication with parking, dining, and housing, in order to ensure consistent improvement and service to the community. In addition, Griffiths notes her work as director of organizations, having set her goal of amplifying the voices of identity-based clubs – IBOCs – on campus by increasing their representation in student government. 

“While we are already representing nearly 200 organizations and so many students, there is still work to be done,” says Griffiths, “we need to close the gap between IBOCs and other orgs if we wish to make campus life better and more inclusive for everyone. When you don’t have a constant connection with those in need, you don’t have the relationship you want.”

In addition to her goals as representative of the student body, Griffiths also seeks to improve internal affairs within SGA by creating a more cohesive work environment.

“Obviously, not everyone is going to agree, because there are so many different personalities and abilities within our organization,” says Griffiths, “but over this past year, we have accomplished quite a lot both as a small student government and as a team. I appreciate all of the hard work our organization has done and continues to do. Even when we were busy and felt the weight and demand of school and running the organization, we worked hard to advocate and represent the student body. I appreciate everyone that stands beside me.”

Students who wish to get involved in SGA or in campus affairs are strongly encouraged to attend the organization’s biweekly meetings, or by connecting with them on social media or on Get Involved. SGA also hosts office hours throughout the week in room 118 of the Student Memorial Center, with its representatives proud of their open-door policy, which, although a work in progress, strives to be open to all students as much as possible. 

With the spring semester coming to a close, SGA meetings will take place twice in April – one final regular meeting tonight, April 14, at 6:30 p.m. in room 118F of the SMC, as well as a special outdoor meeting and induction ceremony to be held on Thursday, April 28, at Freedom Memorial Park in Millersville. 

Members of the community may also submit concerns in writing at concern boxes located throughout campus or by submitting an online form.Those who wish to reach out to Griffiths with questions or concerns may reach out to her by coming to her office hours, held on Wednesdays at 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. in the SGA office at the SMC, or by contacting her via email at