An iPhone and a hot cup of coffee sit beside each other on a table. / Photo courtesy of Pxhere

Sean McClain
Copy Editor

The new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max boast advancements in areas like speed, durability, battery life, and camera systems. The new phones were made available last month on Friday, March 18, and can be purchased at $799, $999 and $1,099 respectively. 

Their release was accompanied by the release of the iPhone 13 Mini, but this model is not of interest to me, especially in this article. What I am really excited about, though, are the new color varieties that will be available, especially green and Alpine Green. 

The iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max have become available in a color called Alpine Green. The color has been around for a while in products like hair color, paint, and fabrics, and presents a muted hue that mixes a dark teal with forest green. While it is fair to say that this green is a bit darker than a lot of people might prefer, and could be passed off as a cool toned black, this is clearly exactly what Apple had in mind. Alpine green is not meant to stand out like the lime color of the iPhone 5C, but is rather  meant to blend in amongst devices in professional settings, while still expressing a cool individuality that allows users to feel special without making a scene. 

The standard iPhone 13, though, is adding a different green variety: Green. Aptly named, I think. This green is a bit lighter, and doesn’t take its blue tones too seriously. This phone will come in a color not far removed from army green, if a little more soothing. Unlike the secretivity of the Alpine Green, Green allows others to see users as green people. The dark, mossy pigment of the iPhone 13 is by no means flashy, but allows for a greater threshold of quirk than the Pro or Pro Max. 

I am a green girl, and these new greens accompanying Apple’s new releases are very exciting to me. Neither green is exactly the green I would choose if I were in charge, but I think the reintroduction of green into the phone game could mean big things for other industries. I hope green phones will lead to purples, pinks, and even oranges in tech and beyond. 

Consider cars: These days, most vehicles we see in parking lots and roads are black, white, gray, blue, or red. While some older models might have greens and oranges, modern stock settings do not include these options, and I am sick and tired of the monotony! I don’t want to have to get a 1991 to get a green truck, or pay hundreds to get it repainted. I also hope companies use this color exploration as a gateway to returning to more classic and unique silhouettes, like the old Jeep Cherokee – one of my favorites – VW Beetles, or older body style trucks, since recently car styles have become largely homogenized. 

Basically, these new greens are exciting in themselves as well as in what they mean for the future of fun and quirky sides of tech. I don’t know much about cell phones, but I do know about vibes, and the vibes of the Green and Alpine Green iPhones are spot-on.