The Marauder Express parks outside as a student orders food. / PHOTO COURTESY OF MILLERSVILLE UNIVERSITY

Morgan Huber
Managing Editor

Millersville University ceased operations of its campus food truck, Marauder Express, on Monday, April 25, citing a staff shortage as the primary reason for the closure.

The announcement came the following day through a Ville Daily email, stating that the Marauder Express would remain closed for the rest of the semester, and possibly indefinitely, due to a shrinkage in on-campus dining employment and availability. 

“Dining is experiencing a shrinking workforce of employees and student workers,” stated a representative of Dining Management, “unfortunately, we will not be able to open the Marauder Express for the remainder of the semester.”

A grave and unexpected revelation, the closure of the Marauder Express ended a time of convenience for students, especially commuters and students taking classes in McComsey, Caputo, and Breidenstein halls. However, this is not the first time in the academic year that the beloved food truck ran into trouble.

A popular eating spot for students, the Express was previously located in front of Lyle Hall during the Fall 2021 semester, providing dining options for students on the north side of campus. When students finished taking theater, music, math, or education courses, they had a quick and affordable food option, five days a week. Due to reasons including staff shortages and availability, the Express was closed over winter break, and for much of the spring semester, it’s only proof of existence being the black-and-yellow truck parked outside of Gordinier Hall, waiting to be revved up and back in business again.

After some months of silence, Millersville Dining announced that the Marauder Express would once again be open, this time adjacent to Caputo Hall. While keeping the same hours as before, the Express would be relocated to the south side in response to students’ discontent with the popular Cyber Cafe remaining closed throughout the year. However, this revival was short-lived, as the cherished food truck’s once-booming business has come to a screeching halt.

“The Marauder Express was always a cheap and easy option for me,” says a commuting student, “I had classes in Dutcher and later in Caputo, so having somewhere with great food nearby kept me going each day. I hope that things will soon resolve and we’ll either get the Express back or maybe something just as good, if not better.”

With the Marauder Express closed once more, on-campus dining options now remain consolidated to the south-central part of campus, with places such as the Anchor, Ville Perk Cafe, and the Upper Deck in Gordinier, the Galley in the Student Memorial Center, and the Avenue C downstairs in the Commuter Lounge here to stay. 

Although Millersville Dining has not announced any plans to reopen the Marauder Express in the near future, discussions between staff and students working in student government and administration may provide a beacon of hope for pupils in the upcoming semesters.