Ethan Poetic, a 2020 graduate of Millersville, recently published his first book, for which he plans a signing at the University Campus Store on September 14. Ethan Poetic / LinkedIn

Shaun Lucas

Millersville graduate Ethan A. Poetic survived a car accident that doctors believed had a 99 percent chance of killing him. Poetic now continues to inspire people through his work as a motivational speaker, writer and life coach. He now promotes an autobiography, planning to hold a book signing event on Millersville’s campus around late October.

Poetic began his performing career with a poetry reading at a baby shower as an opening act for artist Lamar “Black Ice” Manson in 2010. His artistic ventures were interrupted on March 19, 2011, as Poetic suffered from internal bleeding, a ruptured aorta and various other injuries after his vehicle collided with a tractor trailer on the Lincoln Highway East. Poetic discusses that his ruptured aorta made it so he was expected to die three minutes after the accident.

Poetic’s autobiography covers the accident, his poverty-ridden childhood, growing up without a biological father, his move from Coatesville to Lancaster, his history with sports and his many personal relationships. 

“It’s a combination of the good, the bad, the ugly the triumph…it’s a situation where it does inspire the youth who think they’re facing challenges similar to what I went through,” Poetic said. 

Poetic mentions that he was initially uncomfortable sharing his story to the public.

“I just wasn’t that comfortable being that vulnerable,” Poetic says. “You’re talking about an area of your life where you experience not only death…you’re not only talking about a point where you not only hit rock bottom, you weren’t expected to make it.”

Post-recovery, family and friends encouraged Poetic to spread his story through his art as a means of motivation. His storytelling led him to return to higher-level education, transferring from Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) to Millersville under the mentorship of alumni Bob Paul. Upon hearing Poetic’s experience, Paul informed Communications professor Dr. Theresa Russel-Loretz who later awarded Poetic with the Special Recognition Award. 

After graduating from Millersville in 2020, a conversation with family friends inspired Poetic to write an autobiography.

“I’ve always wanted to write a book, but more on poetry. I never thought about writing an autobiography, but they brought up the valid point; my story is already out there…let’s give them more of the story,” Poetic said. “There’s some things that are unanswered to the public eye as far as what they saw in the newspaper and the WGAL feature.”

Some notable memories Poetic mentions from his time at Millersville include giving a testimonial through the school radio station, meeting new people, eating free foods at events, his internships at Lancaster Community Television Station and talking to WGAL during his college graduation ceremony.

Upon working through the publishing process, Poetic chose to self-publish his book due to lower cost and more creative and copyright-related freedom, currently wishing to sell the book on Amazon. The manuscript was recently approved by the Library of Congress so the book may be protected on a federal and international level, per Poetic. After getting his book published, Poetic plans to release a film based on the story with heavy involvement.