Chromatic’s debut EP, “TECHNICOLOR”, which released last Friday, features five superb tracks from the stellar music group. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHROMATIC

Whitney Walmer
Arts & Culture Editor

Chromatic started as a word in the world of music, meaning the hitting scale on every note before, Millersville University’s a Cappella group gives the word  a whole meaning through its rhythmic tones and melodies, taking acapella to new heights. 

In 2017, Chromatic was founded through the shared  passions of  talented vocalists and currently comprises nine tenors and nine soprano and altos, led by music director Noah Manno and  president Ruth Kowalski. Reaching for the stars, the group’s talent has taken them to the 2021 & ICCA Quarter Final Championships, and second place in the semi-finals, more 48,000 followers on  their Tik-Tok profile @muchromatic, and have not stopped there. 

On September 9th, they released their first EP “TECHNICOLOR” to all streaming platforms, featuring creatively crafted tracks through voice and sound that flow seamlessly, holding your attention with every note. 

Kowalski created and designed the album cover, combining bright neon colors  with the focal point being a cassette with the album title written to complete the retro aesthetic.

With the process of the EP starting in March, when the recording had taken place in Manno’s home studio using his producing skills, he worked patiently and persistently to release a polished result for their fans. 

“It’s exciting turning an idea in your head into something that everyone can enjoy together,” said Manno.

In time for the new season and the start of Fall semester, the group starts preparing for the competitions not only through rehearsing and creating songs but also  creating friendships and memories as a group. In the selecting of three to four songs that go together with similar mood and tone, they practice twice a week to not only perfect the lyrics and beat, as well as choreography. 

In keeping fans up to date and involved with the progress the group make, Kowalski also  manages the social media profiles on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. While Manno and Kowalski are both from New Jersey, where many are not familiar with Millersville or Chromatic, they look to spread awareness.

“I am never going to forget my experiences with Chromatic and hope to help spread the word of the university,” said Kowalski.

Music lovers and followers of Chromatic have more to come as in new music  and hopes of releasing more EP albums in the future, with a set coming this season, possibly venturing into the dark and dramatic. Upcoming events for the group include  the Homecoming parade on October 22nd and a solo hosting at Clare Performance Hall on January 28th at 7:30 pm. This year is crucial for Kowalski and Manno, as they are both seniors, with this also being their last year with Chromatic.

Allowing Chromatic to be a way of finding oneself Manno states “Invest time and effort into your passions and you never know what will come of them”.

As Chromatic recruits new members and plans for this year, we anticipate what exciting performances and events they have in store – or on stage – for fans and members of the Millersville community. Until they drop their next single or album, plug in your headphones, turn up the volume, and play or stream “TECHNICOLOR” on repeat!