Pottery making is not just for expert artists, but also an enjoyable and stress-relieving activity for people of all ages and skill levels, including college students. PHOTO COURTESY OF JARED SCHUYLER / WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Ava Adiletti
Staff Writer

Slip and Score Society is a club here at Millersville that allows students of all majors to participate in the art of pottery making. Students learn how to wheel-throw, hand-build clay, and make their very own pottery. Students will be guided and helped through the process with the goal being to gain confidence and new skills. 

Hannah Smith, the current president of the Slip and Score Society, is a senior here at Millersville University majoring in art education. Smith described the society as a club consisting of art majors and non-art majors. The club specifically works with clay and the art of pottery. Believe it or not, the slip-and-score society has been a part of Millersville for a while. 

“This is my second year as the president of the Slip and Score Society,” says Smith, “I took the role after the past president graduated because I wanted to keep the club going and I really like the idea of teaching other people. My biggest goal is to revive the sense of community.” 

Smith hopes to pass the club on after she graduates in the spring.

“My biggest advice to anyone who is thinking of taking on the club is to know what you are taking on before you commit to it.” Smith states, “I’m hopeful that our current vice president will take my position and I am confident that she will do a good job and continue to advance the club.” 

“I’m excited to be able to do something outside my major but am also nervous because I don’t have a lot of experience,” says Leah Miksa, also a member of the society, as she shares her thoughts about the club. 

Miksa is a junior at Millersville and is majoring in international business and marketing. Miksa discovered the club when she attended the Involvement Fair and decided to join the club because it interested her. 

“It’s ok to fail. We are here to learn and not everything goes as planned and that’s ok,” Miksa says as she realized her pot had broken while spinning on the wheel. Miksa talked about the importance of having the confidence to just go for it and join the club especially if someone thinks it might be outside of their abilities or comfort zone. 

“I’m here to learn more about ceramics and to advance my skills and just do something relaxing while also having fun.” 

Jordan Plempel, who is a sophomore and is majoring in art education, looks at the club as a way to be part of something she is passionate about. 

“I realized that doing this type of art was something I was able to do,” Plembel explains, “I just needed some practice.” 

Plempel talks about being excited to show her creativity and having the ability to experiment with a different type of art. 

“The biggest thing that has helped me is just learning from others and not being afraid to ask questions because we are all here to learn,” Plempel says. The Slip and Score Society is open to all majors and all students. The club meets on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. downstairs in room B100 in Breidenstine Hall. You can learn more about the Slip and Score Society by checking out their social media pages. Smith tells me that she currently posts on Facebook and Instagram to promote people to join the club. If anyone out there, whether you are an art major or not, is looking to join the club, go for it. Trying something new could be a great way to discover a hidden talent or uncover a liking for the art of poetry.