The logo for Raney Brewery lights up for business. WHITNEY WALMER / THE SNAPPER

Whitney Walmer
Arts & Culture Editor

Vegan vibes were brought to Millersville on Friday at Raney Cellars Brewing Company with awareness of the Vegan lifestyle and excellent cuisine to those people unfamiliar with the trend and lifestyle. Vulture Food, a Los Angeles-based pop-up truck, started its journey to promote vegan food in 2018 and is now touring nationwide by appearing in small towns.

“We had a vision of going to smaller towns in between, and it has worked out good with most of our customers who aren’t vegan,” said Gomez, a crew member of Venture. “We go places where every vegan there often has to dissect a menu just to get something to eat.”

While their menu consists of GF (Gluten-free), soy, peas, and wheat, the robust flavors and aroma drew in a crowd waiting to indulge in what items were offered. Their menu this tour consists of different items that I got the chance to try such as the Buffalo Chik’n Fries, Mango Habanero Chick’n Sandwich, and the Buffalo Ranch Chick’n sandwich. 

In bringing savory and spicy flavor to each bite, the pairing with the light-bodied Baby Dank (New England IPA) with 3.6% ABV (alcohol by volume) available in Raney Cellars allows a balance for your taste buds. Leaving myself, an unfamiliar consumer of vegan cuisine and not a fan of overly spicy, in awe with the indulgence of the Mango Habanero sandwich, where there is a spicy element and hint of sweetness from the mango. Where experimentation is key when you are somewhere new and uncertain about what you may like, Delicious #5 is a cranberry IPA with 6% ABV, currently brewing with a refreshingly tart flavor that quenches your throat and goes down smooth.

As Venture Food made Raney Cellars one of their 22 stops on their nationwide tour, I am glad to have met them not only through their food but also their hospitality. Venture Foods traveling philosophy, is they have social media including Instagram and Facebook that allows followers to see their event calendar. As for Raney Cellars Brewing Company, nestled in Millersville, which has been serving the community since September 2019 in entertainment, I was far from disappointed with the atmosphere, service, and overall memorable experience, and recommend it to others in the community.