Dolly Parton poses in her western attire. PHOTO COURTESY OF CREATIVE COMMONS

Whitney Walmer
Arts & Culture Editor

From releasing over 100 songs, with 26 reaching the tops of the Billboard Music charts, creating an amusement park, receiving 10 Grammy Awards, and donating over 100 books worldwide with one of her charities Imagination Library, what can’t Dolly Parton do? Since her release of her first single, “Puppy Love,” she has been known for her profound gift of warming hearts through her music, acting, and recently releasing tail wagging apparel that even your dog will love.

 “Puppy Love” debuted more than 60 years ago and was used as inspiration for canine apparel called Doggy Parton. In partnering with Sportpet Designs, known for high quality products for the pet owning demographic, her line includes collars, outfits, hats, toys, and even wigs. Some proceeds from every purchase made for your four-legged friend are donated to Walla B Farms. Walla B. Farms, based out of Old Hickory, Tennessee, is a non-profit organization that nurtures animals in recovery from situations such as being homeless, abused, and neglected. The types of animals that are rescued and rehabilitated can include cats, dogs, chickens and even tortoises. Considering giving her products a try? Her line can be found on and with products ranging from $9.99 – $29.99.