The exterior of the salon sits on South Prince Street, near Brookwood. LAUREN ROGERS / THE SNAPPER

Lauren Rogers
Staff Writer

“I would rather make a difference in your life than your hair.” says Kelly Stettenbauer, owner of Discovering You Salon located at 26 S. Prince St in Millersville.

Stettenbauer has been making a difference in the Millersville community and surrounding area for more than 25 years, having owned her salon for just over two decades. Her favorite part of owning the salon is the people and the relationships she develops with her customers. 

Stettenbauer offers a variety of services including haircuts, hair coloring, braiding, updos, waxing and other services upon request. 

Along with cutting hair, she has been an exceptional member in the Millersville community and the Lancaster area. She is more than happy to help community members in need, welcoming people with special needs or people afraid of traditional salons to come visit her salon, and is even willing to work around your schedule. 

Discovering You Salon strives to be inclusive and provide services to anyone in need. 

Most recently she has volunteered her services to Arbor Place, an organization in Lancaster City, that helps underprivileged children, in addition to dedicating her time at night to the Woman’s group in Lancaster to cut hair, teach hygiene classes, offer free haircuts, or help give them the tools to obtain a job. To see a list of other ways to help the community, check out her community outreach page at 

She wants everyone that comes into her salon to feel included. 

“Many people that come to my salon become part of my family; these people mean the world to me.” 

COVID-19 did not affect the salon traditionally. Stettenbauer adhered to the CDC’s rules and would prefer her clients, friends, and family to be safe and healthy than for her to profit. She was overjoyed by the support and how understanding her customers were during lockdown.

Stettenbauer prides herself in “being a good human before being a good hairdresser.” She learned that lesson very early in life and would give all the credit to her father, a very influential person in her life. 

Laurie Rogers, a long-time customer of Discovering You Salon and a Millersville Alumni is “happy to support a small business and give back to the Millersville Community.” Rogers has been getting her hair cut by Stettenbauer since the opening of the salon in Millersville. 

“I enjoy the atmosphere and how welcoming Kelly is to people she might have met five minutes ago. Our relationship is more than a stylist, client relationship. Kelly is my friend.”

Stettenbauer is comfortable where her business is now. She hopes it stays consistent throughout the next five years. She really enjoys helping people, especially her neighbors in Millersville, Lancaster, Columbia, and Penn Manor. To get in contact with Kelly Stettenbauer or to set up an appointment at Discovering You Salon call her at (717) 871-1103 or send her an email at