The University Drive apartments, also known as Wellness, provide a cozy and convenient off-campus living option for upperclassmen. PHOTO COURTESY OF STUDENT LODGING INC.

Olivia Heilemann
News Editor

On Thursday, Oct. 20, the Student Government Association held an Open Housing Forum for students interested in living in the off-campus Millersville-associated apartments.

There are two different sets of apartments, Wellness and Brookwood. Wellness sits just behind the Student Memorial Center, and Brookwood is a block behind Wellness. Rent starts at about $515 for the Brookwood Apartments and $528 for the Healthy Living (Wellness) Apartments. Much different from the Villages, the apartments have a wider variety of amenities in which the dorms lack.

These luxuries include in-unit washer and dryers, security cameras, blue lights, 24/7 onsite maintenance, pet-friendly living, and free parking. Tenants pay for electric, gas, and wifi with about an $80 average on utilities. Water and trash is covered by Student Lodging. Tenants can contact the Director of Maintenance Operations for additional factors regarding construction or extermination. The staff also makes weekly walkthroughs of the property line in search for potential improvements. 

Debbie McGuinness, Residence Relations Manager at Student Services, says that she wants to create “a more community feel in our Wellness and Brookwood apartments.”

Subleasing is an available option when a tenant cannot finish their lease. They can complete a lease transfer and the new tenant is not required a credit check or sign-on.

Manager Assistants, extensions of the Student Lodging staff, are much like Resident Assistants. They do monthly checks in the apartments and make sure tenants are abiding by their residential agreements. The property line is also covered by 60 security cameras and blue lights to ensure the safety of tenants. The Millersville Borough Police Department works alongside Student Lodging and makes certain that tenants are staying within noise control rules and will actively help residents in case of emergency.

“We want to make sure that our tenants are safe,” says McGuinness, “Safety is our number one concern.”

Millersville University’s requirements for any off-campus housing are listed on the Housing website and university website. Students must have 60 or more credits to live off campus, and those within 30-59 credits may apply for a waiver.

Similar to the residence halls, applying for a parking permit requires the same information. Tenants must submit their vehicle registration along with the make and model. The only difference is that it is entirely free of charge. Each tenant is allowed one parking pass and it only applies to street legal vehicles. There is also a designated lot for guests to park in without getting ticketed. 

“We will do our utmost best to take care of the needs they may have,” says Isabelle Mailen, Lease Operations Manager at Student Lodging Inc.

There is currently a waitlist for when a lease opens up. Students must complete the required applications for tenant approval to become a resident within the 2023/2024 lease.

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