Students learn how to register with 5 simple steps. PHOTO COURTESY OF CREATIVE COMMONS

Ava Adiletti

Features Editor

As the month of October comes to a close, many college students are getting ready for a new semester which means it’s time to register for classes. While registering for classes can be very confusing and challenging, there are many ways to make the process a lot easier. Here are five easy steps that students can follow to ensure a smooth and simple registration process. 

Step one: Get to know your advisor

Each student has an advisor that serves as a helper for that student’s specific major. Your advisor is going to be the person who helps you pick out all of your classes. You can find who your advisor is by logging into your student portal and finding the tab under student services that says Advisors. This will tell you who your advisor is and provide you with their email address. 

Step two: Understanding your Degree Audit

A degree audit shows a student’s progress at the current college or university they are attending. Your degree audit tells you how many credits you have, what credits and requirements you have satisfied, and your academic progress towards graduation. A student’s degree audit will help them understand what classes they need to take and will help keep them on track academically. For first-time students, understanding a degree audit can be very confusing and complicated. Your advisor can help you understand your degree audit and explain to you how it works. 

Step three: Meet and Plan

Once you have established who your advisor is, it is time to schedule a meeting to choose your classes. Before you meet with your advisor, it is a good idea to review and try to get an idea of what classes you are interested in taking and see when they are offered. CRN numbers are numbers that are associated with each class. Every class will have a different CRN number and you must have that number when you register. Once you have done that, you should email your advisor and schedule a time to meet with them. Oftentimes, advisors will send out an email to their advisees about scheduling a time to meet with them. During your meeting, you and your advisor will discuss what classes you need to register for and how your progress toward your degree is looking. Your advisor will provide you with your very own TAP number which is what you will use to select your classes. You must receive your tap number from your advisor or you will not be able to register. 

Step four: Review Holds 

Before you can register for your classes, it is important to review your student account and make sure there are no holds that will prevent your ability to register. Holds on a student’s account could be due to an unpaid bill or a charge in a student’s account. The important thing is to make sure your account is clear before you register.

Step five: Register

This is the final step in the registration process. Registration times are typically broken up based on the number of credits a student has and by the first letter of their last name. For example, a student with 60 credits with a last name starting with the letter A would register at their specific time, such as Nov. 2 at 6 a.m. When it is your time to register, you will have to log into your student account to Add/Drop Classes. You will use the dropdown button and select the term you want to register for. You will then be required to enter your TAP number and click submit. You should then see the Add Classes Worksheet. Click Class Search to add a class to your worksheet. Enter the CRN number in the box. Once you enter the CRN number, you will see a list of subjects. Click on the subject that you want to add and then click course search. By selecting view sections, you will be able to see the meeting time and date for the class you are registering for. Select the meeting time and date that works best for you and click register. After you have followed all of these steps, you have successfully registered for your classes. 

Having an understanding of how to register for classes makes a big difference for a student. There are always people to help guide you through this process and answer any questions you may have. Following these five simple and easy steps will guarantee a calm and enjoyable registration process. With that being said, happy registering college students.