How athletes explore their faith with FCA FCA takes a trip to Puerto Rico on a mission trip. CAROLYN BOLDEN/ THE SNAPPER

Ava Adiletti

Features Editor

College can be a challenging and difficult time for many people. With the constant pressure of school, being away from home, and busy schedules, many students turn to clubs or activities that may help bring them some peace in the midst of hard times. The Fellowship for Christian Athletes is a Christian-oriented club at Millersville and a place where students are able to come together and practice their faith. 

“FCA is a place where I have met so many people that I know have my best interest at heart and is the perfect place for me to get direction,” said Hannah Sweda, a junior and Track and Field athlete. Sweda has been a member of FCA since she began attending Millersville and explained that aside from the track field, FCA is one of the places where being herself is most comforting. “I consider FCA like a second home and it allows me to continue to follow my faith.” Sweda says. 

President of FCA, junior Carolyn Bolden, who is also a member of the Millersville Women’s Swimming team, described FCA as a place for student-athletes to come experience a sense of community and to have the opportunity to grow their faith. “Being a member of FCA and this year being the president has really been exciting for me and just brings me so much joy because I am doing something that I am passionate about and I get to do it with some of the nicest people,” Bolden said. 

Cora Heilman is a freshman on the Millersville Track and Field team and stated that the reason why she joined the club was because she wanted to continue practicing her faith and Carolyn had reached out to her and made her feel welcomed from the very first time she met her. “Becoming a member of FCA has really allowed me to expand my friend group and has given me a support group I didn’t know I needed.” Heilman said. 

Dan Devinney is a campus minister for Millersville University and is the campus director for FCA. Devinney got involved with FCA because he has a love for sports and God and saw this position as a perfect opportunity to pursue both of these passions. “FCA has really helped me appreciate and respect the struggles and challenges young adults face as they seek a path for the rest of their life,” Devinney stated. 

When I asked about advice current members would give to those looking to join FCA, the answer was clear, come with an open mind. While FCA is targeted towards athletes, all students that wish for a place to practice their faith and be part of a club are welcome to join. 

FCA has meetings every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. at Grace Baptist Church of Millersville.